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Combining luxury, the latest technology and the purest possible picture, 4K Ultra High Definition brings you the most state-of-the-art televisions straight to your home. Hisense Ultra HD TVs provide the most real life, jaw-dropping picture quality experience, bringing the world closer to you.

xt880 65" & 58" 4K Ultra HD TV
xt900 84" 4K Ultra HD TV

Bring the world closer with Ultra HD

Side by side, Ultra High Definition gives you more than 8 million pixels, Full High Definition has an estimated 2 million pixels - the result is picture clarity that you literally want to reach out and touch. Colours pop and motion is seamlessly natural - all thanks to cutting-edge technology allowing each pixel to be resilient for stunning brightness and detail.

3D in Ultra HD

3D is reimagined with use of the latest Ultra High Definition technology. Be part of the hottest action, fantasy or kids movie as you dodge projectiles and characters coming to life on your screen. The clarity and realism of the images will make you realise how truly accurate your in-home experience can get. The Hisense UHD with 3D makes watching your favourite movies or TV shows into a truly unmatched viewing experience.

Brilliance in Colour

Treat your eyes to PureColour Repoduction, simply put - superior clarity, brilliant colour, and the illusion of objects reaching out and inviting you in their story. LED technology brings vibrant colours and a new level of picture clarity by constantly adapting to the images on the screen, producing great detail. The precision and accuracy in the colour range will open up your eyes to what landscapes are supposed to look like. Thanks to the Hisense's PureColour Reproduction, colours are meant to be exactly what they are supposed to be... beautiful shades of colours.


Stay Connected

Entertainment thrives beyond live TV and your digital library, with Hisense Smart TV, doors swing wide open to access of online videos, games and music. Browse through over a billion hours of video content on YouTube, see what your friends are up to on Facebook and follow the latest worldwide trends on Twitter. Video chat via Skype to brings your friends and family closer to home wherever they are.

xt880 65" & 58" 4K Ultra HD TV
xt900 84" 4K Ultra HD TV
Hisense LED TV’s use LCD screens with LED edge lights. In keeping with Hisense’s policy of constant innovation and improvement, the product and service displayed may vary from the actual product and are not meant to be exact representation of the same. All product descriptions are approximate. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY, SPECIFICATIONS AND FEATURES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Some product features may require additional peripheral devices which are sold separately. Some advertised features, applications and service may not be available on all devices and regions and are subject to change without notice. Internet connection is required. Data download and subscription charges may apply. Play store apps must be enabled for TV devices. Accessing and downloading from the Play store requires a Google account. Available internal storage in Vision TV products may be less than 8GB. Hisense Voice Search on Vision TV products may not be available in all languages, dialects and regions. The performance of the Hisense Voice search will vary depending on language, local dialect, pronunciation, voice and ambient noise.
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