The Hisense 8KG Dryer Range, A New Spin on Drying Technology.

Hisense HDCA80 Hisense HDCE80

Super Efficient

Twin Flow Technology creates more airflow, reducing drying time significantly.


Intelligent Drying

Favourite Mode allows you to program a preferred cycle quickly and easily.


Easy As

An intuitive user interface means operating the dryer is as simple as can be.


8KG Heat Pump Dryer

The Hisense 8KG Heat Pump Dryer features an energy efficient drying system and user-friendly interface that makes for one of the most efficient and sophisticated dryers on the market. Innovative technology means the HDHA80 is gentler on clothes, which results in significantly less shrinkage. Hisense’s patented Twin Flow Technology ensures greater airflow and cuts drying times significantly.

Twin Flow Technology
Twin Flow Technology
IonTech with Anti Crease
IonTech with Anti Crease
Stainless Steel Drum
Stainless Steel Drum
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8KG Condenser Dryer

The Hisense 8kg Condenser Dryer is perfect for small to medium sized families and households. It’s ideal for those with smaller laundry spaces because the HDCE80 collects moisture internally, which means plumbing isn’t required and condensation is kept to a minimum. With simple, sophisticated design, users can intuitively select settings quickly and easily.

Gentle Dry
Gentle Dry
Air Refresh
Air Refresh

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