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3 Year Warranty on all Hisense Fridges

From sophisticated smarts and good looks, to clever cooling technology, discover some of the great features that makes the Hisense refrigeration range truly excellent.

Multi Air Flow.

Provides consistent cold air distribution throughout each compartment, maintaining ideal storing temperatures.

Triple Zone Cooling.

Dial your temperatures up or down for each specific section of the fridge.

LED Lighting.

Making life easier, LED Lighting is equally useful for helping you find your missing jar of relish at the back of the fridge, and reducing heat and energy use.

Twin Cooling Technology.

This smart technology cools your refrigerator and freezer separately to maintain temperature accuracy, energy efficiency and better humidity control throughout.

Electronic Touch Control.

Control everything you need with the touch of a button.

Frost Free Technology.

No more iced-over leftovers in the freezer – now that's clever!

Slide-Out Shelf.

An adaptable design solution delivering the flexibility to accommodate tall and large items in the main fridge compartment.

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