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French Door Fridges

Seamlessly integrating premium design with cutting-edge technology, the Hisense French Door refrigeration range is perfect for families and entertainers alike. Multi-function touch control and LED interior lighting makes these crowd-pleasers smarter than ever.

Bottom Mount Fridges

Capacity meets feature rich convenience Super Freeze, Multi-zone cooling, Super Cool function, easy-slide drawers, adjustable spill-proof glass shelves, fruit and vegetable crisper, icemaker and modular wine caddy.

Top Mount Fridges

Elegant design delivers a new level of refinement to any kitchen, with unmatched features including internal LED lightning, frost-free technology, internal water dispenser and a humidity controlled crisper.

Single Door Fridges

When space is at a premium, single door refrigeration combines sleek design with intelligent features including touch control functions, electronic temperature control, and Super Cool Function Freeze capability.

Side by Side Door Fridges

Easy-slide drawers, adjustable spill-proof shelves, icemaker, touch control and Holiday Powersave. Meet the next generation in refrigeration where supreme styling doesn’t compromise expansive storage.

Some of the incredible features you’ll find within our range.

Multi Air Flow

Multi Air Flow.

Provides consistent cold air distribution throughout each compartment, maintaining ideal storing temperatures.

Triple Zone Cooling

Triple Zone Cooling.

Dial your temperatures up or down for each specific section of the fridge.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting.

Making life easier, LED Lighting is equally useful for helping you find your missing jar of relish at the back of the fridge, and reducing heat and energy use.

Twin Cooling Technology

Twin Cooling Technology.

This smart technology cools your refrigerator and freezer separately to maintain temperature accuracy, energy efficiency and better humidity control throughout.

Electronic Touch Control

Electronic Touch Control.

Control everything you need with the touch of a button.

Frost Free Technology

Frost Free Technology.

No more iced-over leftovers in the freezer – now that's clever!

Slide-Out Shelf

Slide-Out Shelf

An adaptable design solution delivering the flexibility to accommodate tall and large items in the main fridge compartment.

Desirably designed, seriously smart, amazingly affordable.

Style & function, inside and out.

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