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3 Years Warranty on all Hisense Dryers

At Hisense, we're delighted to offer a 3 Year Warranty as standard with every member of our washer and dryer range. With outstanding design, build and engineering, Hisense washers and dryers are built to withstand the demands of modern lifestyles, and are perfectly suited to busy families of all sizes.

Front Load Washing Machines

Hisense Front Load Washing Machines are engineered for efficiency to make washing easier on your pocket and on the environment. With multiple washing cycle options available, you can choose at a glance the most suitable program for your needs. Hisense’s unique Snowflake Drum provides increased cleaning power, as well as increased protection for your clothes during cycles.

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Hisense Dryers


Every Hisense dryer features a superb energy efficient drying system and a highly intuitive user-friendly interface, which means each dryer is easy to use and easy on the environment. Hisense’s patented Twin Flow Technology greatly reduces drying times, making Hisense dryers some of the most sophisticated on the market.

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Need help or advice on an Hisense product? Choose one of the following ways to contact our Hisense Customer Care team.

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