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3 Year Warranty

on all Hisense Laundry Products

At Hisense, we're delighted to offer a 3 Year Warranty as standard with every member of our washer and dryer range. With outstanding design, build and engineering, Hisense washers and dryers are built to withstand the demands of modern lifestyles.

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Ion Refresh

Ion Refresh

This advanced technology utilises negatively charged ions penetrate deep into clothes to easily remove odours from the clothes keeping them feeling and smelling fresh.

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ConnectLife Enabled

ConnectLife Enabled

Hisense ConnectLife enabled Dryers can connect to Wi-Fi through the ConnectLife app in order to access smart features like energy monitoring, smart wizard and smart link between an eligible Hisense Washer.

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Quick Dry 30

Quick Dry 30'

Hisense's Quick Dry 30' is a drying program that saves you both time and energy. When you only have a small amount of items* to dry, experience the same great drying performance within just 30 minutes, allowing you get out of the laundry faster and back to what's important!

*Designed for light loads up to 0.5kg, or three lightweight shirts

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Auto Dry

Auto Dry

With built-in high-precision sensors that continuously monitor residual moisture and temperature, Auto Dry automatically adjusts drying times to save time and energy while avoiding damage to clothing.

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Release Year 2023 2023 2022
Capacity 9KG 8KG 8KG
Heat Pump Technology
Ion Refresh
ConnectLife Enabled
Power Airflow
Multiple Filtration
Allergy Care
Anti-Crease Function
Drum Type Raindrop Raindrop Raindrop
Quick Dry* 30mins 30mins 30mins
Product Width (MM) 595 595 595
Product Depth (MM) 640 640 685
Product Height (MM) 845 845 845

*For drying loads of up to 0.5kg

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