6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Fridge

There comes a time when all electrical products need replacing. Although some may battle on, outliving all predictions, it’s worthwhile knowing the signs that point towards the inevitable fate of replacement.

Getting on in years

If your fridge has seen better days, is heading into its teenage years, or looks like a relic from a previous decade, you’re probably well aware that it’s time for a new one. Besides not looking the best, there are a myriad of other more practical reasons to replace it.

Higher bills than usual

Older fridges tend to devour energy and are prime suspects for contributing to hefty power bills. The fact is, when it comes to energy efficiency, older fridges simply cannot compete with the energy star ratings of their modern counterparts. Although you might be impressed by the longevity of an older appliance, be sure to take a closer look and you’ll find that inefficiencies lead to higher bills.

Rattle and hum

We’ve all been home alone and instantly shaken by a noisy fridge motor springing into action. But the fact is, a noisy fridge is an inefficient one that could be consuming far more energy than it needs to. The more noise you hear is an indication that the motor isn’t performing optimally. If you’re constantly hearing that rattle and hum, it’s time to start shopping around for something a little more modern and efficient, like the Hisense PureFlat Collection.

Weak seals

When opening or closing your fridge, the door should feel like it’s sealed tightly. If you don’t feel any resistance when opening the door, the seals might be worn out. This is problematic because it allows the cold to escape and makes your motor work harder to bring down the internal temperature of the fridge. And that’s just another contributing factor to higher energy bills.

Changing needs

Sometimes your needs just change. Whether you’ve got a growing family and more mouths to feed or you’ve recently renovated your kitchen and are looking for a modern fridge that fits in seamlessly with your contemporary space, the Hisense PureFlat CollectionBottom Mount and French Door range can be a stylish, versatile option that will cater for all your needs, from now and long into the future.

A matter of aesthetics

One of the most obvious signs pointing towards a need for change is a simple matter of design and aesthetics. If you’ve poured lots of time, energy and money into creating a beautiful kitchen space, then why not complement your efforts by choosing a fridge from the Hisense PureFlat Collection? With undeniable industrial design precision and sleek, eye-catching details, the clean lines and straight edges of the Hisense PureFlat Collection will slip seamlessly into any modern kitchen. The stunning simplicity is contrasted with a compelling array of smart features and technical innovations that make a worthy choice for anyone on the hunt for a new fridge.

This might be the sign you’ve been looking for. Find out more about the Hisense PureFlat Collection or shop the entire fridge range now.

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