Binge-Worthy TV Shows Available in July on Stan and Netflix

With winter well and truly underway, there’s nothing better than curling up and getting cosy during the cold evenings. Luckily, in this golden age of great TV there’s no shortage of things to watch. Here’s our top picks for binge-worthy TV this July.


Dating Around (Netflix)

At less than 30 minutes per episode, this six-part US series is perfect for those who are time poor, as well as those who want to unashamedly binge on something easy to watch.
The premise of the show is simple. Each episode features a single man or woman who goes on five dates with different people. After the five dates, they choose the person they want to go on a second date with.
This is a show that will be very relatable to anyone who has been using social dating apps in recent years. The first episode features a rather bland real estate agent, which doesn’t make for great viewing. However, if you skip to episode five, you’ll meet Sarah, who is the undoubted highlight of the series.

Release Date: February 14
Rating: MA 15+
Find it on: Netflix

Sex Education (Netflix)

If you feel like some laugh out loud comedy, look no further than Sex Education, a British teen comedy about the awkward and confused son of a sex therapist played by the extraordinary Gillian Anderson. The show deals with sex in an intelligent and humorous way, with a sharp script and brilliant acting that make for truly compelling, binge-worthy comedy.

Release Date: January 11
Rating: MA 15+
Find it on: Netflix

Bloom (Stan)

Bloom is an intriguing Australian mystery drama series that tells the story of the aftermath of a tragic flood in a small country town that claims the lives of five people. But while the disaster kills five townspeople, the flood also creates a mysterious new plant that can restore youth. The series has been making waves, with an all-star Australian cast that includes some of the country’s greatest talent.

Release Date: January 1
Rating: MA 15+
Find it on: Stan

I Am the Night (Stan)

I Am The Night is a true crime thriller series that explores the famously unsolved Black Dahlia murder that sent shockwaves through Los Angeles in the 1940s. The series focuses on Jay Singletary, a reporter who’s still haunted by the case several years later. Jay teams up with Fauna, a young woman who hopes to find answers about her own mysterious past. Together they follow a sinister trail that leads closer to solving the mystery of the legendary Black Dahlia murder.

Release Date: January 27
Rating: M
Find it on: Stan
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