Create the Perfect Home Cinema with Hisense

If the pandemic has put the brakes on your cinema visits and left you longing for more of the big screen, why not consider creating your own home cinema experience? 

In recent years, Hisense has been leading the way with Laser Cinema technology and 2021 will see the launch of the biggest screen to date with the all-new Hisense 120-inch  Laser Cinema! 

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The sheer size of the 120-inch screen needs to be seen to be believed. With Ambient Light-Rejecting Technology, Colour Temperature Calibration, and Calman Calibration, it really does offer a superb home cinema experience. And with the built-in TV tuner, you can tune in terrestrial television stations and enjoy everything on a big scale. 

The Hisense 120-inch  Laser Cinema comes as a package that consists of the 120-inch screen and the laser projector. Together they combine to create something truly extraordinary. 

120-inch Ambient Light Rejecting Screen 

The Hisense Laser Cinema uses an Ambient Light Rejecting Screen that blocks over 85% of glare. This means that no matter what lighting conditions or environment you’re watching in, the picture appears sharp, defined and beautiful from any angle. 

Colour Temperature Calibration

The image quality of Laser Cinema is without a doubt out of this world. Immerse yourself into your movie, and get the best picture possible. Like all Hisense ULED TV’s, we apply the same standards when it comes to Colour Temperature Calibration.

True Colours Captured 

Through the pure precision X-Fusion Laser Light Engine, two lasers combine to recreate all the brilliant colours of the natural world. Images appear as true to life as possible, just as their creators intended. You’ll experience an array of colours unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

The Power Of VIDAA U4 

Hisense’s VIDAA U4 Operating System makes it even faster and easier to search and navigate content. With the addition of new Australian and international apps as well as built-in billing and payment functionality, you can login and subscribe to third-party apps from the comfort of the VIDAA U4 homescreen. With Google Assistant built-in Amazon Alexa compatibility, you can search, navigate and offer commands more easily than ever before.

4K Ultra Short Throw Technology 

The power of over 8 million megapixels combined are what sets the Hisense 120-inch  Laser Cinema apart. Sharp, defined, and defyingly crisp images are projected onto the 120-inch Ambient Light Rejecting Screen to create contrast that breathes life and dynamic movement into everything. Whether you’re watching world-class sports or award-winning movies, everything appears as real as real can be. 

Faster, Smoother, Sleeker 

Hisense’s 120-inch  Laser Cinema is able to render images faster using its MEMC Technology with microsecond processor response that delivers a fast motion rate. Smooth Motion Plus™ technology enables super-smooth, clear images, which makes this TV ideal for enjoying fast action scenes, from sporting contests to amazing movies. 

Sound That Springs To Life

With Dolby Atmos onboard, you can experience an immersive audio experience that makes the sound of shows, movies, games, and live sports absolutely soar. This moving audio experience will make you feel like you’re inside the action as the sounds of people, places, and music come alive with breathtaking realism and move throughout the space. Quite simply, Dolby Atmos creates a fuller, more immersive experience that puts you right inside the action.

Connectivity For Convenience 

With 4 HDMI ports available, it’s easy to connect external video systems, gaming devices, sound systems and more. And with ARC HDMI, the Laser Cinema can connect to compatible audio devices through one single HDMI cable.

If you’re seeking the most compelling home cinema solution on the market, find your nearest retailer now and see the stunning Hisense 120-inch  Laser Cinema for yourself. 

Register your product to redeem your 120” screen after purchase and or request installation at additional cost.

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