Discover the world of Hisense ULED 8K with AI Upscaling

The all-new Hisense ULED 8K TV is dropping very soon and it has the ability to turn ordinary into extraordinary.

With plenty of style to please the aesthetically inclined and lots of innovative technology onboard, the Hisense ULED 8K TV is a game-changer for those looking to elevate their home viewing experience. Whether you’re a gamer, sports fanatic or movie buff, 8K TV transforms whatever you’re viewing on screen, intelligently enhancing images into the highest quality possible. 


Hisense 8K ULED TV


Upscaling Technology 

The Hisense ULED 8K TV arrives with a 75-inch screen and AI Upscaling Technology powered by Hisense’s Hi-View Engine Pro. Upscaling Technology enhances lower resolution content by optimising it and transforming it into impeccable 8K quality – regardless of the content’s source. The ULED 8K TV features interpolation algorithms, which are used to upscale low-resolution images. These algorithms effectively add pixels to images of lesser quality thereby increasing their overall resolution and vastly improving image quality. This means users can watch live TV, enjoy the best streaming platforms and even play video games upscaled to 8K resolution, providing the highest quality viewing experience at all times.

Superb sound

The Hisense ULED 8K TV also features Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos™ to complete the audiovisual experience with exceptional sound quality worthy of any home cinema aficionados. With the ULED 8K TV, you’ll be able to host a convincing home cinema night with superb stereo sound that will bring soundtracks to life and make moments of tension even more palpable. 


Hisense 8K ULED TV Gaming Mode

Primed for gaming 

The ULED 8K TV will be of particular interest to gamers who will find endless joy in the Game Mode Pro, including HDMI 2.1 features like Variable Refresh Rate and AMD FreeSyncTM  technologies, Auto Low Latency Mode, and eARC. The addition of HDMI 2.1 brings a whole host of new features and a lot more bandwidth, with speeds of up to to 48Gbps. That means much higher resolution and higher frame rates, up to a whopping 120 frames per second. Quite simply, this is a TV born for gaming. 

Hisense ULED 8K TV Design
Picture perfect home cinema 

With world-class, modern design and features such as the Folded Aluminium® Stand and Floating Edge Screen, the ULED 8K TV is super stylish and contemporary. Subtle details add layers of sophistication that will delight even the most style obsessed. Its clean lines will fit seamlessly into any living space, offering the perfect home cinema solution. 

Far-Field Technology for hands-free control

Far-Field Technology for hands-free control

Just when you thought the ULED 8K TV couldn’t get any better, there’s also the addition of hands-free voice control, with the integration of our new far-field technology. The sophisticated voice recognition technology gives you the ability to interact with your Hisense TV using voice commands and prompts from a distance of up to 10 metres. The integration of four multidirectional microphones allows users to use normal tone of voice to turn on the TV, turn on lights, or interact with any Google Assistant compatible device from anywhere within earshot. Users can access various media types quickly and easily as well as performing searches and many other tasks. For those who do want to take advantage of far-field technology or in-built Alexa and Google, both are available to be turned off for peace of mind.


Hisense Home AR App

The power of visualisation 

Why not see it for yourself and picture the ULED 8K TV in your home using the Hisense Home AR app. The app allows you to visualise what certain Hisense products will look like in your home quickly and easily. 


The Hisense ULED 8K TV is a game-changing piece of smart technology that will transform the way you watch and consume media. Find your local retailer and witness the power of 8K today. 

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