Elevate your living space with VIDAA Art

There’s nothing better than the peace and tranquillity that a well-styled, well-designed and organised living space can bring. From furniture and decor to lighting and art, the spaces we inhabit are brought to life by the things we love. 

Now, with the new VIDAA 4 on select Hisense TVs, we have the ability to transform TV screens into virtual art galleries with the help of VIDAA Art
Elevate your living space with Hisense VIDAA Art
With VIDAA Art, Hisense has partnered with the world’s leading digital art community, DeviantArt, to offer free access to over 370 million pieces of original artwork online. Now, from the comfort of home, owners of select Hisense TVs can explore artwork from around the world and curate a gallery of images to return to.
Founded in 2000, DeviantArt has over 48 million members worldwide who create original artwork and share it with the world. 

Framing your view

One of the crucial questions we must ask ourselves when bringing a new TV into the home is: Mounted or standing? There are many factors that might influence the decision, from living space to wall construction. Luckily, Hisense TVs look great wherever you choose to place them. And with VIDAA Art, you can make your TV more of a feature than ever before. 
Elevate your living space with Hisense VIDAA Art


Perfect TVs to pair with art

The Hisense Dual Cell TV offers elegance, style and versatility that will complement any living space and bring out the best in VIDAA Art. The brilliance of Dual Cell technology hinges on the fusion of a monochrome panel with a separate 4K colour panel that results in precision light control, deeper blacks, and more explosive colours than ever before. With all the vibrant highlights and darkness, you’ll be able to marvel at the depth and detail in everything from Renaissance masterpieces to modernist triumphs. 
VIDAA Art is also available on the Hisense ULED 4K TV Series Q8. Art lovers will be astonished by the outstanding picture quality on offer. With industry-leading technology such as Quantum Dot Colour, Full Array Local Dimming Pro, and 200 Smooth Motion Rate, the ULED 4K TV Series Q8 offers impressive colour accuracy and definition, which means you can get in close and luxuriate in the details, just as the artist intended. 
Elevate your living space with Hisense VIDAA Art
The Hisense 100 inch UHD 4K TV Series 8 boasts stunning 4K picture quality, capable of elevating the art on screen to a whole new level. With Precision Colour and Super Contrast, it renders vivid colours, rich details and deep blacks that will make VIDAA Art come to life in any domestic setting. And with its pure metal stand and diamond cut edge, it will command attention and frame any artwork in favourable light. 
Why not explore VIDAA Art today and transform your living space by collecting and curating your own favourite artwork. 
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