Explore the genius of the Hisense PureFlat collection

If you’re looking for a refrigerator with ultra-modern, cutting-edge style combined with world-class technology, then the Hisense PureFlat collection might be just what you’re looking for. 

Pure design pedigree 

At first glance, the PureFlat collection displays undeniable design credentials, with sleek, stylish, eye-catching details, clean lines and straight edges that will slip seamlessly into almost any modern kitchen space. 

The reason Hisense PureFlat fridges suit such a variety of kitchens is due to the proportional harmony between body height and width, which allows for better use of space. 

Smart features for an easier life 

The endlessly appealing aesthetic of the Hisense PureFlat collection is matched only by the array of smart features and technical innovations that make this collection a truly compelling proposition for anyone on the hunt for a new fridge

Temperature Control for Hisense PureFlat Fridge

Flexibility and choice 

The Convertible Door feature allows you to change the temperature of individual zones, alternating from anywhere between -18  and 5 degrees celsius, essentially allowing you to switch between fridge and freezer functions, providing much-needed flexibility and greater storage for large families. Meanwhile, Triple Zone cooling technology allows you to dial temperatures up or down for each specific section of the fridge, further increasing the flexibility and brilliance of the PureFlat collection.

Cool and clever 

Inspired by commercial kitchens, the PureFlat collection comes with our premium Metal Tech Cooling which is a stylish, full-width metal cooling plate that covers the inside of the entire refrigerator compartment. It works to keep your food cool and evenly disperses temperature throughout the fridge. This works to regulate the temperature even more, which ultimately increases efficiency. 

Hisense fridge with ice dispenser

Refreshment on demand 

Those considering investing in a Hisense fridge from the PureFlat collection might well be swayed by the luxury and convenience on offer from the 650l French Door model. With its permanent supply of chilled water and its capability to make up to 1.8kg of crushed or cubed ice at any time, the French Door fridge is the epitome of convenience and luxury. 


Hisense Inverter Technology

The sweet sound of silence 

With Hisense’s Inverter Technology, gone are the days when the hum of a fridge could be heard reverberating around the kitchen. With Inverter Technology, energy efficiency is increased, thereby helping to maintain steadier temperatures which in turn reduces operating noisy significantly. That means increased reliability, lower bills, and plenty of quiet time. 

With desirable looks, slick design and a whole host of smart features, the Hisense PureFlat collection adds effortless style and ease to any kitchen. Explore the collection today or find your nearest retailer.

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