Food for Thought. Top recipes to try this Autumn

When it comes to living sustainably, we can achieve a lot just by being conscious of what we eat and where it comes from. 
By choosing to eat seasonally and shop locally, or by buying directly from producers, we can make a big difference. These small choices contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle, while also benefiting the wider community. 

Top Recipes to try this month

Try shopping locally, direct from producers.

With the Australian autumn now in full swing, there’s never been a better time to look into your fridge and be inspired by all the wonderful produce that is now at its peak. 
To celebrate the launch of Australia’s most energy-efficient fridge, the Hisense 519L Black Steel Bottom Mount, we’re sharing some of our favourite autumn recipes from our favourite chefs that you can make at home. 
Autumn with Ottolenghi
Autumn is a season when mushrooms grow in abundance. They’re versatile and great in everything from pasta dishes to risottos. Here’s celebrated celebrity chef, Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipe for spicy mushroom lasagne plus nine other awesome autumnal dishes that can be whipped up from fresh, seasonal ingredients. Each dish is packed full of flavour and home comfort, perfect for a chilly autumn evening. 
Top Recipes to try this month

Using fresh, seasonal vegetables is vital to creating the perfect dish

Keeping it light 
When most people think of autumn cooking, they think of soups, stews and hearty food made to stick to your ribs, as the saying goes. However, autumn salads can be wonderfully satisfying without being heavy and they offer loads of flavour. By choosing to roast vegetables, it gives you extra time to relax and enjoy a glass of red. Why not give this autumn salad recipe a crack. 
Top Recipes to try this month

Baked carrots served with a Sprinkle with orange zest and goat’s cheese.

Classic comfort food  
Sometimes the simplest flavours offer the greatest satisfaction. And there’s nothing that confirms that more than classic French onion soup. This superb recipe can be whipped up from pantry staples that you’ll most likely have lying around at home and it makes for a deeply satisfying meal that you can share with the whole family. Give this recipe a shot and enjoy one of the simplest soups around, perfect for when the weather is that little bit colder. 
Top Recipes to try this month

Keep warm this Autumn with a hearty stew or soup

There are so many great benefits to eating seasonally, from supporting local producers to creating a more sustainable lifestyle. At Hisense, we’re proud to launch our most sustainable product to date, the all-new 519L Black Steel Bottom Mount Refrigerator which is Australia’s Highest Energy Star Rated Fridge Ever*. With an impressive 6 Stars, it features sophisticated energy-saving technology and a slick, modern aesthetic. Its Pure Flat door design features recessed door handles that are elegantly hidden away, enabling seamless integration into modern kitchens. 
Top Recipes to try this month

The new 519L Bottom Mount fridge, Australia’s Highest Energy Star Rated Fridge Ever*

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*as at May 2020 – HR6BMFF519B

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