How can I get the latest firmware for my TV?

Much like your laptop or smartphone, modern televisions have built-in computers that control how various features on the television operate. From time to time, updates to the built-in computer’s software (known as “firmware”) are developed by Hisense.

These firmware updates can enable new features, improve the usability of existing features, and even fix annoying bugs. However, if the wrong firmware is installed, or is not installed properly, your television can stop working. 
With the latest range of Hisense televisions, over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates are available if the television is connected to the internet. When enabled in the television’s settings, new updates will be downloaded automatically from Hisense’s servers and applied to the television without any owner interaction. 
To check if OTA updates are enabled, consult the user guide to connect your television to the internet, then:

  • Press the settings button (it looks like a cog) on your Hisense remote.
  • Navigate to “Support”, then “System Update”
  • Ensure “Auto Firmware Upgrade” is enabled.

Recent Hisense televisions can access internet firmware updates, but the process for checking if an update is available is not automatic. To check for updates on televisions without OTA updates:

  • Press the settings button (it looks like a cog) on your Hisense remote.
  • Navigate to “All”, then “About” and “System Update”.
  • Press “Detect” to get the latest TV firmware.

Older Hisense televisions – particularly those without internet connectivity – require firmware updates to be provided by Hisense Customer Support and manually installed via a USB stick. 
If there is an available firmware version available for your television, Hisense Customer Support will provide access to it immediately, along with instructions on how to download and install the update.
Please be near your television and contact Hisense Customer Support on 1800 447 367 to get the latest TV firmware for your television. Effective on the 23rd of March, Hisense Customer Support hours are Monday to Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm AEST.

Watch our step-by-step guide:

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