Get Summer ready with our Essential Home Appliances

With summer just around the corner, it’s a good time to get organised for the weather ahead and everything it brings, from days when the mercury climbs to uncomfortable levels, to days of social (distancing) and outdoor entertaining. 

At Hisense, we’ve got a range of appliances to get you summer-ready, leaving you to make the most of the season.
PureFLat Black Hisense fridge
650L Plumbed French Door Fridge
Headlining the PureFlat Collection is the Hisense 650L Plumbed French Door Fridge, which combines an aesthetically pleasing counter-depth design and a sleek, flat door that is conveniently convertible. When hosting guests or entertaining on a long summer afternoon, it pays to have a fridge with plenty of capacity that keeps up with the pace and the demands of a party. The 650L Plumbed French Door Fridge is perfectly designed for such situations. With a large capacity, it can comfortably fit enough food for a large family or gathering while also keeping those vital beverages chilled. And with its fully plumbed, perfectly integrated ice and water dispenser, you’ll have a steady supply of chilled water and ice to satisfy even the most demanding guests. No need to stress over keeping food fresher for longer as the fridge has Hisense’s new Metal Tech Cooling. This feature is a stylish metal cooling plate which takes up the entirety of the main compartment back wall. This new tech, along with the Inverter Motor Technology, keeps stable temperatures inside the fridge at all times.
Home Appliances Hisense Air Con
Hisense Split System AC Units 
Aussie summer can really heat up, which means escaping high temperatures is often a necessity. If you can’t jump in a pool or hit the beach, the next best option is always an Air Conditioner. The Hisense Air Con range is diverse with something to suit spaces of all sizes. And with clever features such as Wifi connectivity, you can control the temperature remotely. That means after a sweaty summer commute home from work or the gym, you can make sure your living space is the perfect temperature for when you come home. The Eco Mode also offers energy-saving performance to help reduce your bills and energy usage. With Smart Mode you can automatically set the temperature, direction and airflow to ensure optimal performance – how good is that!
Hisense Portable Air Conditioners 
Hisense Portable Air Conditioners are a superb choice for those who live in smaller spaces or want something a little more mobile. These powerful little units are built to reduce heat and humidity while offering versatility. With powerful airflow and various speeds, they have multiple functions including air conditioning, fan, and dehumidifier. This makes them an ideal choice for those looking for versatility as well as those without ducted air conditioning. All functions and features are controlled by a smart LED panel. With multiple modes, including Silent Mode, you’re guaranteed a cool, comfortable and quiet night’s sleep. There’s also Wifi available through the Hismart Air App, so you can control the temperature from just about anywhere. 
Hisense Wine Cabinet
54 Bottle Wine Cabinet 
There’s something about sunny weather that makes us crave a chilled glass of something refreshing. And what better way to keep your wine collection at optimum temperature than with a Hisense Wine Cabinet. If a sun-drenched afternoon calls for a crisp glass of white, or a long evening warrants a glass of chilled red, a Hisense Wine Cabinet maintains optimal storage temperature so you can get the best out of every bottle. With anti UV glass, it’s ideal for outdoor bars and will keep the sun off your precious collection. Handy sliding shelves make it easy to browse and pick the perfect drop, day or night.  

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