Go Bigger Go Hisense

With everything from bigger screens to innovative new technology and game-changing picture quality, our latest TV & Laser range is all about Going Bigger. 

Bigger Screens

Nothing brings people together like a big screen with amazing picture quality and  with screens ranging from 75” TVs right up to 120” Laser Cinemas, Hisense is going bigger and bolder than ever before. 

A Bigger, Better Gaming Experience 

Never miss a beat with HDMI 2.1 on our U80G and U90G series, featuring Low Latency and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) for smoother game play at 120 frames per second. Minimise input lag, screen jitter and tearing to ensure you stay ahead and enjoy the most seamless gaming experience yet. 

Go Bigger with Laser TV and Cinema 

If you’re looking for the optimal home cinema experience, Hisense has you covered with screens ranging from 100” to 120”. As pioneers of Laser TV Technology, you can expect exceptional resolution, with crisper, sharper images and a wider colour range with stunning depth and accuracy. And thanks to MEMC technology, a microsecond-level processor ensures delivery is smooth so you never miss a moment of action. 

Bigger and Better Picture Quality

The Hisense TV range also features IMAX enhanced certification on select premium models so that you can enjoy all your favourite content in exceptional resolution and crisp picture quality.

Navigate Bigger Screens and More Entertainment With Ease 

The VIDAA interface is smooth, fast and packed with apps making it easy to enjoy all your favourite content on the big screen. Pair this with exceptional resolution and crisp picture quality your entertainment experience just got bigger and better!

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