Hisense Announces 2022 TV Range at State of Origin Game 1

Every year, anticipation for the State of Origin series sends Australian rugby fans into a state of joy. With the build-up, memories of legendary games get fans in the mood and ready to flood stadiums for the most hotly anticipated rugby games of the year!

With Hisense as sponsors, our excitement doubles! And this year was no different as the Hisense Suite at Origin Game 1 played host to the new Hisense 2022 TV Range. And with so many replays to enjoy, those lucky enough to be there could enjoy them on brand new, state of the art Hisense TVs! 

“One thing that the 2022 TVs all have in common is the stunning 4K UHD picture quality” (Fenech, TechGuide, 2022). At the heart of Hisense’s 2022 product line-up is the company’s renowned picture quality. This is on full display throughout the range:

Great picture quality is accompanied with a wide set of premium features found within the range including voice control, Dolby Vision IQ & HDR 10+ Adaptive technology, Auto Sports Mode, Smart Home Connectivity and access to top streaming services including Netflix, Disney+, Stan and Binge.

HDMI 2.1

Next gen gaming has arrived for all ULED TVs with Game Mode Pro equipped with HDMI 2.1 allowing for gaming in 4K@120hz! Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) + Automatic low-latency mode (ALLM) turns on Game Mode Pro automatically when a gaming console is connected, keeping you ahead of the game and boosting your chances of scoring legendary wins by significantly reducing input lag.


VIDAA U6, our next generation of VIDAA operating system brings the rich offering of content from streaming apps to your fingertips. “VIDAA U6 cleverly curates your personalised homepage of content from a blend of applications, making TV time accessible and seamless” (Sen, Image Matrix Tech, 2022).

Developed by Hisense, VIDAA U6 will be available on select TVs.

Find the perfect 2022 Hisense TV for your home here.

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