Introducing the Hisense Designer Collection TV

1. The Hisense Designer Collection TV is simply stunning. What was the inspiration behind the design?

The Hisense Designer Collection combines function and form with style and elegance. At Hisense, we’ve been eager to express our passion for technology and aesthetics and bring our vision of the evolving living space to life. The result of that is a TV with a minimalist design that will integrate naturally into any home.

2. What were some of the most important considerations given throughout the design process?

At Hisense, our brand proposition is ‘Brilliant by Design’, so naturally, we wanted to design something special with Harvey Norman. In designing this TV, we considered new ways of working with form, materials, textures and colour. It was a collaborative and harmonious process that inspired a shared singular outcome, which we believe is truly brilliant.

3. You’ve been there from the beginning when the Hisense Designer Collection TV was just an idea on a piece of paper. Are you impressed with how spectacular the final product has turned out?

Collaboration is a natural part of the design process and is a beautiful thing to experience. When scribbles in notepads find their way into reality, it’s a dream come true that can only be made possible by the talent you’re surrounded by. We are over the moon with the Harvey Norman exclusive Hisense Designer Collection TV.

4. What are your favourite features of the TV?

From a technology standpoint, the stunning 4K UHD picture quality and smart user interface top the list. When looking at the Hisense Designer Collection TV in the home, it’s a bold statement that features unmatched style and quality and deserves a space that’s equally premium.

5. Who do you envision owning a Hisense Designer Collection TV?

Individuals that respond instinctively to form, aesthetics and quality while having a strong connection to functionality.

6. Talk us through the way the Hisense Designer Collection TV has evolved with the role that the TV plays in modern homes.

Our TV is no longer a box in the living space that entertains us with movies, TV shows, or our favourite sporting events. We see the Hisense Designer Collection TV as a piece of art that works independently but also complements its surroundings. It’s a truly contemporary design, fit for modern homes and modern lifestyles.
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