Hisense Expand Laundry Range with PureJet and PureStream Series

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*The all new PureJet washer range features auto dosing and inverter technology that makes washing clothes super simple and efficient
*The PureStream washer and dryer range is packed with intelligent features such as Steam-Mix and Twin-Airflow to prolong the lifetime of garments
*8kg, 9kg and 10kg models are available, catering for households of all sizes
SYDNEY, 16 June 2020 – Hisense, a global leader in consumer electronics and home appliances, today announces the expansion of its laundry offering in the Australian market, introducing the new PureJet and PureStream ranges of washers and dryers.
Backed by a 3-year warranty, the PureJet washer offers the largest 10kg capacity, with an MSRP of $1,099; while the innovative and stylish PureStream range includes 8kg and 9kg washers, starting from $799 (MSRP), as well as 8kg and 9kg dryers, starting from $1,299 (MSRP).
Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia, said: “At Hisense, we are committed to delivering high quality appliances that make life easier and more convenient. Boasting a modern, minimalistic aesthetic, innovative technology and intuitive features, our latest range of washers and dryers – the PureStream and PureJet series – are designed to help make laundry a breeze.”
“High-quality laundry appliances also have an important role to play in helping consumers’ garments last longer. Understanding this, we’ve invested in developing technologies like auto dosing that is designed to automatically add the right amount detergent to your washing load,” added Iannuzzi.
 PureJet Series
The new, family-friendly 10kg PureJet washer offers a larger capacity, alongside convenience and efficiency. With an ergonomic high-handle design and large LED display that is inclined at 15 degrees, making text and buttons clearly visible, the model is incredibly easy to use.
Hardworking Australians that want to take back their weekend will love the PureJet’s Auto Dosing technology, which holds enough detergent and softener for up to 20 washes, perfectly measuring and dispensing the correct dosage for best results and minimal wastage.
Catering for every type of load, the model offers 14 automatic programs, including a family-favourite ‘pause and add’ functionality for forgotten dirty items. Users can also easily save and store their own ‘favourite’ wash settings, so these can be used again at the simple touch of a button.
It’s also strong on performance, being equipped with a durable inverter motor that leverages a powerful, brushless design to deliver an impressive spin speed of 1400 RPM. The PureJet also has a unique snowflake drum design, offering a better clean and enhanced protection for garments, and is built to last thanks to its 95-degree drum clean cycle that helps ensure performance over time.
PureStream Series
The PureStream washer embodies style and elegance with its minimalistic, modern design; a perfect match for contemporary Australian homes. Just as sophisticated on the inside as it is on the outside, the PureStream washer features Hisense’s patented Wave Plus Drum with 3D ribs which maximises washing performance to ensure clothes are cleaned thoroughly but with an extremely gentle touch that leaves garments soft and smooth.
This gentle touch is further enhanced by the PureStream washer’s Steam-Mix cycle feature, which deep cleans garments and reduces allergens to leave clothes soft and static free; meaning users can say goodbye to the need for added softener.
The PureStream washer is extremely efficient and saves energy whilst keeping noise at a minimum thanks to its inverter motor. Also helping to ensure peace and quiet in busy households is the unit’s stable housing and specially designed side walls, which provide a more effective spin with less vibration, and therefore less noise.
Optimising ease-of-use is the model’s large loading doors that open to a 180-degree angle, while those on the run will enjoy PureStream’s Auto Wash feature that automatically adjusts the cycle to reflect the quantity and type of clothes in the load.
Mirroring the elegance of the PureStream washer, the PureStream dryer also boasts style and substance. From socks to bedding, the dryer’s smart airflow and sensor dry technology ensures perfect drying no matter the size of the item, using bi-directional airflow and drum rotation to evenly and quickly dry garments without tangling.  Engineered for efficiency, the unit is a great solution for the eco-conscious with its impressive 8-Star energy rating.
As with the washer, the PureStream dryer is optimised for ease-of-use and features a large porthole for convenient loading and unloading, with an easy to clean filter that is located on the dryer door. The dryer also integrates Hisense’s Wave Plus Drum design, promising efficient yet gentle drying that is enhanced by an anti-crease function that leaves garments with less wrinkles, allowing for more time in the day and less time spent ironing.

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