Introducing the Hisense 120-inch TriChroma™ Laser Cinema

While the global pandemic has forced a lot of us to spend more time at home in the last couple of years, it hasn’t decreased our appetite for entertainment or our desire to watch things in the highest quality possible. 

At the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Hisense has yet again proven that the latest and greatest technology can provide a cinema-like experience at home. 

2022 will see the launch of the gigantic Hisense 120-inch TriChroma™ Laser Cinema. With exceptional resolution and crisp, sharp images complemented by a wider RGB colour range that uses lasers to emit red, green, and blue light, this superb technology means that colours are reproduced with the greatest possible accuracy, which leads to truly magnificent picture quality worthy of any home cinema. 

Rapid processing 

The Hisense TriChroma Laser TV is powered by a microsecond level processor that guarantees fast response times and smooth motion which means whether you’re watching sport, action movies, or playing computer games, everything that moves will look absolutely superb. 

Exquisite, day or night 

Whether you’re gaming on a sunny day or watching a late night movie, the picture quality is consistently top class. The quality and brightness of every image is maintained by Hisense’s Ambient Light-Rejecting Screen which is made of special material that directs light towards the viewer and reduces wash out of the image, even in a bright room.

Fully integrated sound and extras 

The Hisense 120-inch TriChroma™ Laser Cinema is the complete package, with built-in speakers featuring Dolby Atmos sound. While the TriChroma™ is geared for home cinema use, it also functions magnificently as a regular TV, with built-in tuner and regular inputs to connect other media sources, such as DVD players and gaming consoles. 

Smooth operator 

The Hisense 120-inch TriChroma™ Laser Cinema uses VIDAA U, Hisense’s latest operating system, which ensures operation and navigation is smooth and seamless. Whether you’re watching terrestrial TV or accessing  content via a streaming service, you can find exactly what you want with just a couple of clicks. 

A sound alternative 

If you already own a big screen but you’re looking to take your audio game to the next level, look no further than the new Hisense U512OG Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos built in. With a wireless subwoofer and the option of adding rear speakers to add extra punch, you can create a truly immersive surround sound experience.

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