Hisense Launches 6-Star Fridge: Australia’s Highest Energy Star Rated Fridge Ever

-The new Hisense Black Steel 519L Bottom Mount Refrigerator achieves an astonishing 6-Star Energy Rating; no other fridge in Australia has a higher Energy Star Rating
-Hisense pushes the boundaries with its innovative use of inverter motor technology and vacuum insulation panels (VIP) all resulting in energy and cost saving
-An exciting pick for the interior design-conscious, the PureFlat design makes the fridge a seamless addition to new homeowners and kitchen renovators alike
Hisense, a global leader in consumer electronics and home appliances, today announces the launch of its new Black Steel 519L Bottom Mount Refrigerator with a 6-Star Energy Rating, Australia’s highest Energy Star Rated fridge ever.*
With a MSRP of $1,899, Hisense’s latest premium refrigeration offering perfectly blends style and efficiency, incorporating a sleek aesthetic with advanced energy saving measures.
Hisense’s Head of Marketing, Andre Iannuzzi, said: “As one of life’s essentials, owning a fridge that is optimised for efficiency can help Australians save money in the long term – particularly at a time when we are spending more time at home and quality food storage solutions are critical. Being one of the most efficient models on the market, our 6-Star Energy Rated fridge uses industry-leading technologies to deliver an exceptional, high quality product that Australians can rely on. We are incredibly proud of it.”
“Our consumer research shows green is well and truly the new black, with demand for energy efficient appliances continuing to sky-rocket. After launching our 5.5 Star Energy Rated fridge last year, we are very pleased to be introducing Australians to yet another impressive, eco-friendly fridge – the Black Steel 519L Bottom Mount Refrigerator.”

Tech to impress

In an effort to combat rising household bills, the Black Steel 519L Bottom Mount Refrigerator is equipped with a sophisticated range of technologies that work cohesively to optimise efficiency, helping Australians to save both energy and money. The result is a 6-Star Energy Rating, making it Australia’s highest Energy Star Rated fridge ever.
Hisense’s Inverter Motor Technology ensures a more stable temperature inside the fridge, by continually measuring the conditions and managing the output accordingly, while the Multi Air-Flow Cooling feature evenly distributes air, resulting in a temperature consistency that helps keep food fresher for longer.
Combined with Hisense’s VIP and a reimagined internal structure, the fridge achieves a significantly lower energy consumption than competitive offerings, which helps to extend the life of the appliance. Its discrete fan and in-built compressor system also help to maintain peace and quiet in the kitchen.

Seamless integration

Boasting a large capacity of 519L, the sleek, pure flat design and counter depth refrigerator blends seamlessly into Australian kitchens, allowing for practical use of space and ease of access.
Its large easy-glide drawers allow users to make the most of fridge and freezer space, while scratch-resistant, multi-level shelves offer stylish interior design.
The exterior features a recessed handle and reversible door, which can be adapted to open from the right or left based on the user’s unique kitchen design and preferences.

See how simple it is to reverse the door of the Hisense Black Steel 519L Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Smart and savvy
The fridge is powered by a central control system that provides optimal storage of goods in separately set, controlled and displayed refrigerator and freezer compartments.
Notably, Hisense’s Super Cool and Super Freeze options deliver rapid and intense cooling performance. At the touch of a button, Super Cool quickly chills food and drinks, while Super Freeze quickly lowers the freezer temperature for quick storage of frozen items during summer months.
The Hisense Black Steel 519L Bottom Mount Refrigerator will be available to purchase across Australia from the start of May.
*as at 7th May 2020 – HR6BMFF519B

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