Hisense’s new Laser TV Technology for 2021

For many Australians when it comes to their home entertainment viewing experience it’s a case of go big or go home.

Once upon a time, 65-inches was thought of as big but these days it’s not unusual to see 75 and 85-inch TVs when you walk into a store.

But what if you want to go bigger still? What are your options?

Hisense has got the answer for that and the good news is it’s getting even better in 2021, thanks for Hisense’s Laser TV technology. Hisense has been pioneering big screen, laser TV technology for many years and recently launched the impressive 100-inch L5F Laser TV here in Australia. 100 inches is massive but, this year, Hisense is raising the bar and offering a stunning 120-inch picture through the built-in short-throw projector. And with that huge image, you still get amazing lifelike colours, stunning clarity and 4K UHD resolution.

While many Australians are looking to recreate the experience of the cinema at home, not everyone is willing or can afford, to spend tens of thousands of dollars putting together a home theatre with separate projector, multiple speakers, AV receivers and multiple sources. Hisense has put everything you need in one product with the L5F Laser TV – a projector, the speakers and the receiver so you can connect all of your sources. And what’s just as appealing is the ease in which the Hisense Laser TV can be set up in your home. It’s a plug and play solution right out of the box.

And it’s also a Hisense smart TV complete with the VIDAA operating system onboard so it’s just like plugging in and connecting a regular TV.

It also goes in the same spot where a TV would go – resting on top of your entertainment unit. Being a short-throw projector, the L5F can beam up the image on wall or a fixed screen when it’s resting just inches from the wall.

With cinemas closed down for most of 2020, most of the major film releases were sent straight to streaming services. This was even bigger motivation for Australians to recreate those cinema-like conditions in their own home to enjoy those blockbusters.

The Hisense L5F Laser TV is an ideal solution that provides a jaw-dropping experience for the eyes and ears. It’ll be epic to see just how impressive this is in 120 inches. Keep a watch out for it when it hits retail later this year!

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