How to organise and optimise your Hisense PureFlat Fridge

Sure, you can store just about anything into a fridge and it’ll stay somewhat fresh. But did you know that there is an optimum way to store raw and cooked food so that you get the most out of your fridge? 

An organised and well maintained fridge is important for storing food safely and preventing bacteria from contaminating produce and making you ill. Health Direct recommends all food be stored below 5°C. Storing food correctly also helps minimise food waste. The great news is that fridges like the Hisense French Door PureFlat 585L Fridge include customisable temperature zones to make it easy and intuitive to store food correctly.

Your fridge has different compartments and shelves that work best for different types of food and drinks.

Top shelf tactics 

The top shelf – which is normally around eye level – is a good place to store things that have a short shelf life, such as items that need to be consumed within a few days of opening, or cooked foods and leftovers that won’t stay fresh for long. 

Call in the crisper drawers 

Vegetables, salads and fruit should be stored in their original packaging in the crisper drawers where they will be enclosed. This is also a good place to store herbs, as they’ll avoid becoming frozen to the back of the fridge where the temperature is colder. 

Keep it cool on the bottom shelf 

This is the coldest part, and where wrapped raw meat and fish should be kept. Placing raw meat and fish on the bottom shelf also minimises the risk of cross-contamination from meat or fish leaking or dripping. 

Door shelves

This is the warmest area of the fridge and most susceptible to temperature fluctuations. Store foods that have natural preservatives here, such as condiments, jams and juices.  

Switching between fridge and freezer 

With the Hisense French Door PureFlat 585L Fridge, optimising space for food storage is even more efficient thanks to Convertible Door technology which allows you to toggle between fridge and freezer functions depending on your needs. So whether you’ve stocked up on vegetables or need to freeze extra meat, you’ll have the space and flexibility required to keep your food fresh for longer. 

There you have it – a quick and handy guide on how to organise and optimise the Hisense PureFlat Fridge.

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