How to up your laundry game!

Laundry is an unavoidable fact of life. It can be time-consuming and tedious, but it’s something that we all have to do. Luckily, these days, with advancements in technology and a greater well of knowledge to draw from, laundry is more efficient than ever before.
The new Hisense PureStream range of washers and dryers makes laundry at home a more streamlined experience, with lots of clever features that offer greater efficiency and help alleviate some of the common pitfalls that can make laundry annoying and time-consuming. 

Hisense PureStream Laundry Range
Hisense PureStream Laundry Range

The Hisense PureStream range allows you to achieve perfect washing and drying results quickly, intuitively, silently and efficiently without having to worry about damaging garments or producing wrinkles.
Hisense PureStream Laundry Range
Super easy and convenient for loading and unloading.

With a sleek, minimalist design, the washer and dryer sit perfectly beside each other, while large door design makes loading and unloading quick and convenient. Simple and intuitive user interface design makes selecting cycles and operating the machines easier than ever before. The handy Pause & Add feature allows you to simply pause the washing process and quickly add clothes or remove unwanted items from your load. All these handy features make the Hisense PureSteam range perfect for family homes. 
At Hisense, we’re all about taking the hassle out of laundry, so here’s some extra tips and tricks to help lighten your load.

The wonder of vinegar 

Vinegar can be an absolute wonder around the house, from removing grease to cleaning windows, it’s effective and highly versatile. Vinegar can also work wonders in a load of laundry. It can help soften tough fabrics, get rid of lingering odours, and it has antibacterial properties to boot. 
PureStream Laundry Range

A simple sprinkle of salt 

Usually, when salt follows vinegar, most people would be talking about chips. Salt, however, is another easily accessible household item that can be extremely useful in your laundry room. The chloride found in salt is known to protect vibrant colours and keep them from running in the wash. 

Hisense PureStream Range
For soft and odour free clothes


New balls, please 

Tennis balls aren’t just for playing sport, they’re also very useful when trying to dry doonas and pillows. Adding two or three tennis balls into your dryer will not only help them keep their shape, but it also helps them dry faster.
PureStream Laundry Range
If you’re looking to upgrade your laundry, why now check out our latest PureStream and PureJet Washers and Dryers today.

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