Introducing the Hisense Air Conditioning Range

With the heat of Australian summer just around the corner, at Hisense, we’re delighted to be launching our new range of Air Conditioners, designed specifically for the Australian climate.

The range consists of six models, which includes both reverse cycle machines, as well as cooling-only models. Each Air Conditioner has been thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into all types of Australian homes.  
We’re excited to be expanding our product range to offer customers a well-priced, eco-friendly range of wall-mounted AC units. The range will be available at The Good Guys nationwide from November 2019. Units start at $799 and all come with a 5-year warranty as standard. 


Designed for the Australian Climate

Hisense’s new range of Air Conditioners have been specifically designed by an R&D team with the Australian climate in mind. Taking into account the vast and varying climate of Australia, there are two types of Air Conditioner available. 
Reverse cycle models that also offer warming solutions will be available in the cooler, southern parts of the country, while Hisense’s cooling-only models will be available in the warmer northern regions and tropical parts of the country. 


Modern, Minimalist, Efficient

Aside from their highly functional capabilities, Hisense Air Conditioners have been designed with great consideration to make them fit effortlessly into living spaces. Their sleek, minimalist design is matched by modern, energy-efficient performance, capable of withstanding ambient temperatures of up to 50°C.  
With Eco Mode and Smart Mode Eco set by a wireless remote, Hisense Air Conditioners are designed to be eco-friendly and money-saving. Smart Mode automatically sets the temperature, direction and airflow, based on optimal room temperatures, allowing you to set and forget.

Enjoy Cleaner Air

Hisense AC models include a Silver Ion Filter that traps air impurities and eliminates bacteria. This has proven effects, resulting in cleaner and purer air throughout the room. The Silver Ion Filter is also efficient at preventing mould build-up.

Quiet as a Mouse

When the heat of summer strikes, you won’t need to worry about the hum of noise that some Air Conditioners emit. Each unit features Hisense’s Quiet Mode, which has been engineered to reduce noise without interfering with performance. Now you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without the fear of heat or noise. 

Smart Solutions

Hisense is also proud to introduce IFEEL, a fabulously clever piece of technology that helps to moderate room temperature. Using a temperature sensor located in the remote control, IFEEL adjusts room temperature based on where the remote is located in the room. 

Much More to Come from Hisense

Air Conditioners are another new addition to the Hisense range in 2019. As we continue to expand our range and offer more great products, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy them. The Hisense Air Conditioning range will be available at The Good Guys all over Australia from the start of November. Learn more at

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