Introducing the new 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing our first 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Dual Colour Laser TV with HDR to market in 2019. Forget what you think you know about laser TV’s – you won’t have to sacrifice premium quality when it comes to this one. The 4K Dual Colour Laser TV with HDR combines vibrant picture quality, immersive audio and a seamless set-up to create a cinematic at-home television experience.
The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off on January 8 and we’ll be showcasing our 2019 ULED 4K range as well as our massive 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV.  
The Hisense 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Dual Colour Laser TV is designed to create an immersive 100-inch television and entertainment experience in any home by combining cinema grade technology and sophisticated smarts.

Unrivalled picture quality and cinematic audio
We’ve worked hard on ensuring the picture quality is of the highest standards, the 4K Dual Colour Laser TV features a proprietary  X-Fusion Laser Light Engine that combines two independent lasers to accurately display a wide array of colours and hues to create a new standard in home cinema.
X-Fusion utilises a Dual Colour laser light source that expands the colour gamut to deliver sharper, more precise images whilst avoiding unwanted light dispersion. The result is a more natural viewing experience with high purity and saturation.
The 4K Laser TV displays over 8 million pixels that have a striking impact on the 100-inch screen. Supported by High Dynamic Range (HDR), the TV creates a stunningly vibrant picture with incredible depth. Taking things even further and enhancing the premium picture quality, the console uses UHD Upscaler technology. If the video signals in lower resolution, UHD Upscaler will automatically analyse the pixels and enlarge the images by interpolating the missing pixels, ensuring you’ll enjoy near 4K picture with stunning details and clarity.
Additionally, the Hisense 4K Dual Colour Laser TV is able to render images faster using its MEMC Technology with microsecond processor response to deliver a fast motion rate. Hisense’s Smooth Motion Plus™ technology enables super-smooth, clear images, ideal for fast action scenes and sports.

We haven’t forgotten about the sound when it comes to the 4K Dual Colour Laser TV. Our goal was to create a truly cinematic experience so we included awarding winning audio via 14 built-in speakers wireless subwoofer powered by JBL Cinema Sound and dbx-tv technology.
These combined create an experience full of power and depth of sound, complementing the TV’s unrivalled picture quality.

Packed with all the Smarts
The 4K Dual Colour Laser TV boasts a built-in TV tuner while providing fast, simple andcustomisable access to hundreds of applications such as Netflix, Stan and YouTube built-in.
Seamless set-up
The Ultra Short Throw Laser technology projects a colourful and bright image onto a thin and lightweight 100-inch panel that hangs effortlessly without wires or intrusive installation.

With a convenient tabletop setup, the console can project the image from a distance of only 19 centimetres from the wall, offering a more natural viewing experience without the need for a specifically darkened room. The 4K Dual Colour Laser TV console is also just one-tenth of the weight of a comparably sized LED TV, making it easier to move and install.
Anti-reflective to external light sources, the 4K Dual Colour Laser TV display is versatile and can suit an array of home theatre setups as it provides an eye-friendly viewing distance of just 4 metres from the screen. By contrast, a conventional LED TV of the same size would typically require the viewer to sit approximately 9 metres from the screen.
With all of these exciting releases coming in 2019, be sure to stay tuned on our social channels as we bring you updates straight from CES 2019 from January 9 – 11. Follow us here and be the first to here about what’s coming in 2019.

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