Live from CES: Announcing the Hisense OLED TV

We’re excited to share some big news with you hot off the press from CES Las Vegas.

Hisense Australia is proud to announce we’ll be adding our first ever OLED TV to the Hisense ULED 4K range. In 2017, we experienced the strongest demand ever in Australia for our ULED premium range. We’re thrilled to provide Australian customers with even greater choice with our new OLED TV, coming soon in 2018.
Read on for more exciting updates to our ULED Premium range and VIDAA U interface.

Expanded ULED Premium range

Our OLED TV isn’t the only thing to look forward to with Hisense this year!
In 2018, we’ll also be enhancing our award-winning ULED 4K range, with 1000 zone local dimming on select models, and expanding technologies such as Smooth Motion, Quantum Dot and UHD Premium Certification across the range.
Here’s a quick run-down on what this means for your viewing enjoyment:

Local Dimming

Hisense’s 1000 zone local dimming technology sees the LCD panels divided into 1000 different zones, which can be dimmed and brightened independently of one another. This allows for improved contrast range, as well as greater detail in shadows.

Quantum Dot

The ULED 4K TV range is set to feature the latest Quantum Dot technologies. Quantum Dot is inserted between backlight and LCD to improve the colour gamut, with the expanded colour palette allowing for more detailed imagery.


UHD Premium Certification

Hisense’s flagship Series 9 ULED 4K TV range has an Ultra HD Premium certification, conforming to the highest industry standard available for TV’s. This means you can view your favourite movies and TV shows – as the director intended.

Smooth Motion

Smooth Motion Rate is also now available across the entire ULED 4K range, offering 200SMR picture quality, virtually eliminating motion blur, image shimmering and unwanted pixilation. The result? No blurry images on your TV screen!

Announcing VIDAA U 2.5

To accompany enhancements to the visual experience, we’ve also evolved our Smart TV platform for our 2018 models. VIDAA U 2.5 is an intuitive interface that allows for both a personal and fast viewing experience.

What you can expect from VIDAA U 2.5:

  • Improved boot times and channel switching response
  • A new mobile application, available on both Android and iOS devices, that acts as a virtual on-screen remote

Sounds great – When can I get it?

Stay tuned for more information on when you can find the new Hisense OLED TV and expanded ULED Premium range instore. In the meantime you can check out the Hisense ULED range.

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