OLED vs ULED: TV technology explained

You may know about LED TV and you might be familiar with a ULED TV, but do you know what the difference between an OLED TV and a ULED TV is?


Amazing Contrast

The main difference between an OLED TV and an ULED TV is the OLED’s ability to turn pixels on or off individually instead of using a backlight as found in ULED TVs. 
Take for example a scene featuring a starry night. With a traditional backlight in an LED/ULED, the stars will bleed light into each other. Features like Ultra Local Dimming on a ULED provide great control, but a small amount of backlight bleeding will remain. 
An OLED can control each individual pixel, so each star is like a pinpoint of light with no bleeding. That amazing contrast is an OLED’s advantage over a ULED in displaying content with black levels previously unobtainable.


Quantum Dot Technology

Whilst OLEDs have a contrast advantage, ULEDs, particularly the latest generation with Quantum Dot technology have a huge advantage in brightness. The brightest OLED is only half as bright as most Quantum Dot enabled ULED TVs.
If you are viewing TV in a well-lit room, a Quantum Dot ULED will be at an advantage over an OLED as it can make the image brighter where it needs to and maintain proper contrast, particularly when viewing HDR material.


Dolby Vision HDR

Both ULED and OLED are capable of displaying excellent quality HDR content. Dolby Vision HDR technology provides the ability for the TV to adjust brightness, colour and contrast automatically based on every frame of what you’re watching.


Screen Size & Price

Mid-size OLED and premium ULED TVs are similar in price, making the OLED a good choice. However, if you are after a larger TV, particularly 75″ or 85″, OLEDs are simply not available or if they do, are significantly more expensive.


Slim Design

Due to the fact an OLED TV doesn’t require a backlight, as each individual pixel can be turned on or off, OLED TVs can be millimetre thin. OLEDs can also be developed with a bezel-less design that allows you to stay focused on the picture.
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