Take the chore out of laundry with the Hisense 2022 Laundry Range

As Barry Du Bois would say, the Laundry is the hardest working room in the house! Laundry can be quite the task. Seeing the pile mount up in the basket, trying to figure out how to get the job done and best care for your garments, we get it!

Wishing there was an easier way to take the chore out of laundry? That’s why we’ve created a range of reliable laundry appliances that are ready to take on all types of laundry! Our laundry range is packed with a range of features to suit different garment needs and operate to protect clothes whether you’re washing or drying.

Washers that you can count on

Hisense washers deliver remarkable cleaning results while caring for your clothes. Our 2022 Front Load Washers range from a 7.5kg Washer (HWFY7514) up to a 10kg Washer (HWFY1014) in capacity. The washer range is designed to suit different spaces in apartments or homes. For those that need to fit their washer into a compact laundry space, the 7.5kg (HWFY7514) & 8.5kg (HWFY8514) have you covered with their slim depth of 540mm!

Our 2022 washers are designed to be quiet, energy efficient and reliable with our Inverter Technology that reduces vibrations and noise. The Pure Jet* wash system produces a powerful jet of water that dissolves laundry detergent quickly and penetrates deeply into clothing and fabrics. The Raindrop Drum with its gently curving raindrop-shaped drum design ensures you’ll get better cleaning results, whilst gently providing enhanced protection and care for your clothes. For those with allergies, the Allergy Steam program eliminates 99.9%** of allergens and microbes while keeping clothes clean and protecting your skin. For the times when you need to wash some clothes quickly, the 15 Minute quick wash has you covered, able to wash a light load up to 1kg in only 15 minutes! If you forget to add an item into your wash the Pause & Add feature allows you pause a wash cycle near the beginning of a cycle to add or remove .

Maintaining your washer has never been so easy, the Drum Clean program cleans the inside of your washer with a high temperature wash and powerful rotation speeds ensure a deep clean to maintain excellent washing performance. Each 2022 Washer also comes with a 3-year Comprehensive Warranty plus 11-Year Parts Warranty on the Durable Inverter Motor for peace of mind.

Getting your clothes dry

Hisense dryers are here to take the chore out of laundry with powerful drying performance so you can spend less time waiting for your clothes to dry. Our 2022 Front Load Heat Pump Dryer range includes an 8kg (HDFY80H) option or 9kg (HDFY90H).

Designed to bring powerful drying performance with Power Airflow which features an industry leading* 5 air outlets and air volume extraction of 259m3/h. Working in concert with these 5 air vents is the High-Capacity Drum that is also industry leading* with it’s 125L drum. These dryers are also energy efficient with the HDF90H achieving a 9-star energy rating and the HDFY80H an 8-star energy rating. The 30 Minute Power Dry is perfect for those times when you need your clothes dried quickly, able to dry a light load of up to 0.5kg in just 30 minutes! These dryers ensure effective drying results with Reverse Tumble that works to dry evenly and prevent tangling or the Auto Dry program that will adjust drying times to save time and energy while avoiding damage to clothing. When it comes to longevity, Multiple Filtration utilises multiple high-density filters that allow thorough extraction of residual particles, which provides cleaner drying results while protecting the condenser.

The Perfect Pair for laundry to tackle just about everything

With stylish matching aesthetics to fit your home and complementary features to take the guesswork out of laundry day the 2022 Laundry Range is the perfect pair you can rely on to take the chore out of laundry!

Discover our laundry range today at a leading Hisense retailer near you or see more on our website.

*The Pure Jet feature is not available on the HWFY7514

**Independently tested by SGS to eliminate 99.9% of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus

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