Tech trends for 2023

As a global brand that re-invests 5% of our revenue back into researching and developing new products that improve the lives of our customers, we know the importance of fresh, new ideas. CES continuously inspires us to keep learning, innovating, and growing our brand – and this year did not disappoint.-Alongside some of our innovative colleagues, Hisense launched three new product areas to help increase TV picture quality, improve home entertainment experiences and consolidate smart home connectivity.

See how our products went down with the visitors at this year’s event:

Key tech trends for 2023

While we’re thrilled with how our products were received, part of the wonderful thing about CES is how much we learn from all the other innovators out there. So, we thought we’d share a few of the key trends from this year’s event.

Size really does matter

They say good things come in small packages and in this case they’re absolutely right with mini-LED technology being the star of the show at this year’s conference. Our mini-LED range, focuses on compacting more picture quality into a smaller space, giving a bigger and better viewing experience. Due to popularity, our full 2023 ULED range mini-LED. Not only that, but major computer brands have implemented the technology on gaming laptops – making more immersive gaming possible on the go.

On the flip side, sometimes bigger is better! Especially when it comes to the home cinema viewing experience. Our new Laser Home Cinema range takes home cinema to new heights with brighter, vivid imagery thanks to X-Fusion Laser technology and maintaining authenticity with Dolby Vision Atmos.

Connectivity is making truly smart homes

Smart homes are nothing new but increased connectivity was one key theme of this year’s conference. There were devices with impressive safety features like the Shelly Smart Smoke Alarm allowing users to get phone notifications, turn on lights and unlock doors in case of emergency. And we were proud to expand our ConnectLife app which makes controlling everything a more fluid process in just one app.

2023 will see Hisense expand further in the world of energy saving as the app features three new categories alongside Fridge: Washer & Dryer, Dishwasher and AC. We’ve been inspired by how far smart home connectivity has come and how important it will be in the future, and look to be at the forefront , continue to produce and develop technology that prioritises sustainability—so watch this space!

Connectivity also didn’t stop with home admin. We also saw a growing trend making a stir with more wireless products being launched, elevating your streaming and music-listening experience throughout the house. It’s clear that a wireless world is only getting closer when it comes to at-home tech.

The much-needed refocus on sustainability

Against the backdrop of the climate and energy cost crisis, we were encouraged to see so many of our colleagues and competitors refocusing on sustainability as a priority for tech. It has been a priority for us as well to be a part of this conversation, particularly on energy consumption reduction. From 2022’s 7-Star Energy Rated Bottom Mount Fridge (the highest energy rated fridge in Australia) to the launch of our ConnectLife app which can help you monitor your energy consumption, we have been making big strides in sustainability by giving you back control.
We also saw some fascinating new ideas and technology at CES that could help individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint. The organisation, Climate Trade, came to this year’s event with new technology that allows businesses to track and offset carbon emissions using Blockchain. While green tech organisation, BeFC, wowed us with the potential of paper-based renewable energy sources for batteries. We can’t wait to see where this tech goes next.

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