The experts have their say on the Hisense Dual Cell™ TV

So far, 2020 has been a big year for Hisense with the launch of the all-new Dual CellTV.  Dual Cell™ is a special technological innovation that offers customers the chance to experience home entertainment like never before. 

Why Dual Cell

After years of research, development and design, Hisense has perfected the Dual Celltechnology that makes it a revolutionary force in the TV market. The technology consists of two precision-bonded panels that are fused together with incredible accuracy that results in outstanding picture quality and an elevated viewing experience for customers. 
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How it works 

Two precision-bonded panels work in sync to provide exceptional light control to create deeper blacks and explosive colours. A monochrome panel with over two million dimming zones is situated at the back of the screen and controls darks, blacks, whites and greys, while a separate top layer panel manages colour and creates an astonishing multitude of colours. For viewers, this means greater contrast between light and dark, resulting in crisper picture quality and images that jump from the screen with brilliant realism. 
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The expert verdict 

Since the Hisense Dual Cell™ TV entered the market, it has earned many favourable reviews from some of Australia’s most trusted tech journalists. 
Trevor Long from EFTM was more than impressed, offering a glowing review of the Hisense Dual Cell as “the closest thing to OLED yet”. Long also remarked on the TV’s dynamic qualities, noting how the blacks were “very deep, and utterly impressive.” 
Aside from the stunning visual performance of the Dual Cell™ TV, Long was also enamoured by the aesthetic and smart design features, noting how the standout feature of the TV (other than the picture quality) was the impressive subwoofer with Dolby Atmos that can operate separately from the TV and wirelessly should you wish to mount the TV on a wall. Long further praised the ‘value’ of the Dual Cell™ TV and the “stunning sound all included”. 
Chris Griffith from The Australian echoed a lot of Long’s comments and was equally impressed by the overall value for money considering the breadth of technology and features” the Dual Cell TV offers. Jason Cartwright from TechAU noted how the technology has almost no downsides”, while Ray Shaw from Gadget Guy awarded it 4.5 stars out of 5 and declared the Dual Cell TV “the new king of the LED/LCD mountain”. Shaw noted how it really ‘pops’ in higher ambient lighting conditions, which is great news for those with living rooms that get loads of sunlight. 
Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide AU gave the Dual Cell TV a score of 90/100, praising the new technology for its ‘stunning picture quality’ and ‘outstanding audio that creates a memorable entertainment experience’. Fenech commended the TV’s ‘near-OLED-quality blacks’ and ‘sleek design’, noting that it was well-priced for its premium features and impressive performance.
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Together at last

With Hisense Dual Cell technology, home entertainment is reaching new levels, with deeper blacks and more explosive colours together at last. The Hisense Dual Cell™ TV is now available to purchase at major retailers across Australia. Click here for more information on Hisense Dual Cell™ TV.
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