Top tips for getting the most out of your fridge and freezer

Fridges and freezers are an essential part of any modern home. From having a stockpile of frozen meats and veggies to keeping things cool, crisp and fresh, fridges and freezers make life easier. 

Hisense’s complete range of fridges and freezers offer superb modern convenience. The fantastic 5.5 Star Energy Rated fridge boasts superb energy efficiency and is currently Australia’s highest energy star rating*. Meanwhile, the Hisense French Door Fridge range has also been praised, claiming a place among the ‘69 Best Household Items’, as voted by Australian shoppers at the Finder Retail Awards.
If you’re in the market for a new fridge or freezer, why not browse the Hisense range or check out some of our top tips for getting the most out of your current fridge or freezer. 

Consider a chest freezer

The Hisense freezer range includes chest freezers that are particularly handy, as they can be placed in garages and sheds, away from the kitchen area. This allows you to keep them out of sight and well stocked with items that you might not always need close by. And because they’re deep and spacious, chest freezers allow you to store so much more than a regular freezer.

Think efficiency

Keeping your freezer at about 70% capacity helps it run more efficiently. By keeping the fridge and freezer at least 70% full, only 30% or less of the cold air can leak out, which saves energy. This is especially important if you have a big family and the door is constantly opening and closing. 

Double up

Another great way to maximise your time and increase efficiency in the kitchen is to cultivate a habit of cooking in batches. This means that you always prepare more than you need and can freeze what’s leftover. Stews, soups, curries, casseroles and plenty of other dishes are great for freezing. Think of it as advance planning for a busy night when the last thing you fancy doing is cooking. 

Play it cool

When cooking in batches, it’s important to let your food cool down completely before freezing it. Putting warm or hot food into your freezer causes it to work harder and less efficiently, while also causing freezer burn which can often make frozen leftovers seem less appetising. 

Be creative

If you think ice cube trays are only for making refreshing drinks, think again. These handy little kitchen heros are also great for freezing stuff you’d never even think of. Everyday things like pesto, stock, coconut cream, and even milk, can all be frozen and tossed into different dishes or smoothies any time you like. 

To freeze or not to freeze 

While most foods freeze quite well – there are some exceptions. Fruits and vegetables with high water content such as celery, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes and melon tend to turn extremely soggy when they thaw out. Cream-based products such as sour cream, fresh cream, yogurt and custard separate when frozen. The same goes for soft cheese such as cream cheese, goat’s cheese, cottage cheese and other spreadable cheeses. 
Having a good fridge and freezer unlocks so much potential in the kitchen and makes preparing meals a lot easier. Browse the entire range of fridges and freezers today and imagine Hisense in your home.
*As at October 2019. HR6BMFF453B

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