Say G’day to 8K

With 2021 off to a flying start, we’ve been busy preparing for the launch of the extraordinary Hisense ULED 8K TV. It hits Australian retailers soon and is packed with leading sound and image technologies, including Quantum Dot Colour, Full Array Local Dimming Pro, Game Mode Pro, Dolby Vision ™ HDR and Dolby Atmos® Audio.

Upscaling technology powered by Artificial Intelligence 

The ULED 8K TV is equipped with Hisense’s proprietary Hi-View Engine Pro, which utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) to upscale low-resolution content and vastly improve image quality by transforming it into 8K standard. Whether you’re watching live TV, streaming, or even playing video games, you can enjoy the highest quality viewing experience at all times. This outstanding innovation really needs to be experienced. 

ULED 8K TV water on screen

More than just perfect picture quality 

Aside from its prodigious amount of technology, the Hisense ULED 8K TV also has good looks to boot. Encased in a stylish metal frame with a thin diamond cut edge, the 8K TV will find favour in the eyes of design-conscious consumers looking for sleek, minimalist design. With its dark, brushed aluminium stand, the 8K TV boasts an effortless style that will elevate any living space and add a touch of contemporary flair. 

Hisense ULED 8K TV screen close up

What the experts are saying 

While all of us here at Hisense are understandably a little biased about the extraordinary ULED 8K TV, the tech experts have also weighed in with some extraordinarily positive reviews. 

Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide AU was impressed by the performance of the 8K ULED TV,  heralding it as “a brilliant first venture into 8K territory that demonstrates its technology can easily handle the jump to an even higher resolution. The result is simply stunning.”

Likewise, Trevor Long from EFTM was also impressed by the performance of the TV, championing it as “smart, stunning and ready to challenge the 8K market.” Long was also quick to praise the standard of the TV remarking that “the quality rocks, the colours are stunning… I find it hard to fault it.

An overall quality score of 9.1 was awarded to the ULED 8K TV by Ray Shaw from Gadget Guy who praised it as being  “one of the best Quantum Dot pictures” he has seen and tested so far. 

ULED 8K TV with palm tree on screen

The resolution of the future 

With a variety of 8K content currently available to consume through Youtube, in the coming years, we’ll see loads more content arriving, in everything from streaming to gaming. At Hisense, the 8K journey is only beginning as we continue to innovate with the ultimate goal of offering customers exceptional picture quality.

Find your nearest retailer and see the Hisense ULED 8K TV now.

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