What is Hisense Dual Cell™ Technology?

2020 is a big year at Hisense and we’re thrilled to be launching our most innovative TV to date, the all-new Hisense Dual Cell™ TV. 
This month sees the arrival of Hisense’s innovative Dual Cell™ TV, a new game-changing piece of technology ready to offer consumers a truly outstanding home entertainment experience. 
If you’re looking to invest in the hottest new TV technology, read on and find out more about what makes the Dual Cell™ TV so special. 

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Searching for a new TV? Look no further than the Dual Cell TV


What’s so special about Dual Cell™ TV?

With the Hisense Dual Cell™ TV, the clue is in the name. After years of research and development, Hisense has created a stunning TV that brings pure, rich black and bright vivid colours, together at last. 
Dual Cell™ technology fuses a colour panel with a second monochrome panel to achieve exceptional light control and create near-perfect black on a Wide Colour Gamut 4K screen. With Dual Cell™ TV, you no longer have to choose between bright colours and pure darkness. Now, you can have it all.

The extremes of light and dark

The extremes of light and dark


How does it work? 

The two precision-bonded LCD layers work in sync to create richer, deeper blacks and a mindblowing array of explosive colours. A monochrome layer with over two million dimming zones is situated at the back of the screen and controls luminance; the darks, blacks, whites and greys. The monochrome layer also blocks light from the pixels that need to be darker, which can be controlled with remarkable precision. The separate top layer manages 4K colour and creates unrivalled colour vibrancy. For viewers, this means greater contrast between light and shade, resulting in crisper picture quality and images that are astonishingly true to life.

Hisense Dual Cell Panels

The power of two


A new standard for LED TVs 

With the arrival of Dual Cell™ technology, customers can enjoy the most advanced LED picture quality on the market. With a Recommended Retail Price of $3,499, the new 65SX Dual Cell™ TV delivers the deepest blacks ever seen on a Hisense LED screen. 
The Dual Cell™ TV combines multiple pieces of sophisticated technology, including Hisense’s Hi-View Engine, Depth Enhancer and AI 4K upscaling engine. These work together to create extraordinarily crisp, clear images, suitable for all types of viewing*. Whether watching the latest blockbuster release or using an app to stream action-packed live sports, viewers are treated to a front-row experience.   

What is Hisense ULED Dual Cell™ Technology?

Take a stand with deep bass


A truly sound investment 

The viewing experience delivered by the Dual Cell™ TV is taken to another level thanks to the immersive power of Dolby Atmos® Audio that creates a veritable cathedral of sound. The audiovisual experience is more connected and all-encompassing, with sound that fills the room and complements the on-screen action.  
A powerful 4.1-inch subwoofer is ingeniously designed and concealed neatly behind the screen, making up part of the TV stand. For wall mounting, you can detach the subwoofer, place it anywhere in the room within 10m, and enjoy the freedom of a wireless connection~. The result is powerfully clear bass and a beautiful low-end that reverberate with a lively hum when watching movies, TV shows, playing games, or listening to music.  

Everything you’d expect from a high-end TV

Aside from exceptional picture quality, the Hisense Dual Cell™ TV has everything else you’d expect from a cutting edge, high-end TV, including 200 Smooth Motion Rate, voice-activated remote control AI, Dolby Vision™ HDR and Hisense’s latest OS, VIDAA 4.
With a faster interface, more apps, and lots of handy new features, VIDAA 4 is the result of an entire redesign that includes vast improvements across the board, allowing you to access content quicker than ever before. 
If you’re looking to take your home viewing experience to the next level in 2020, see how a Dual Cell™ TV could change your life. Discover more of the Dual Cell TV.

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*Picture quality may vary depending on source content. Native 4K content required for full 4K resolution effect

~Subwoofer must be connected to mains power.
^T&Cs apply

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