What is Mini-LED and how does it improve the picture on a Hisense ULED TV?

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the annual celebration of the latest technology and a showcase of what’s to come in our retail stores in the year ahead. Each year there are always some impressive standouts that leave us wanting for the product to hit the shelves – for 2021 there’s great anticipation around the latest TV technology, Mini-LED.

Coming to several Hisense ULED TV‘s in 2021, this is an all-new technology that aims to improve both the brightness and contrast on the TV screen.

Hisense ULED Mini-LED TVs will be available in both 8K and 4K resolution with the 4K model offered in 65 and 75-inch sizes, while the ULED 8K Mini-LED TV will be available as a 75-inch size.

So what is Mini-LED?


Your TV has a series of layers. There’s the LCD panel which produces the picture – the colours if you like. Over that is often the thin layer of Quantum dots that give you an enhanced view of those colours. But perhaps the most critical thing is the backlight behind them both.

The light shines through to allow you to see the colours on the screen. Over the years we’ve moved from “edge” lit TVs where the LED lights shine in from the sides of the TV through to a series of LEDs placed behind the LCD panel.

As the size of those LEDs reduces, the contrast between the darkest areas of the screen and the coloured areas improves.

Mini-LED is a new technology which allows for thousands of LEDs to be placed behind the LCD panel and light up much smaller areas of the screen.

The smaller the area being lit, the higher the contrast level.

A great demonstration of this is when you’re watching something on a conventional “edge” lit screen where a large part of the screen is black, while right next to it, or within that black area is a bright area – either a person in a well-lit scene or even text in the titles of a movie. When you look at the edge of that person or text, you might see them “glowing”. This is also known as blooming, where the colour or white glows out of the bright area into the black area of the screen, this is caused by a lack of accuracy or control in the backlight.

Hisense’s ULED Mini-LED TV, with its incredibly small LEDs, will dramatically reduce this effect and therefore create a much better picture quality.

This is a brand new, premium TV technology that’s headed our way in 2021. This is sure to be one impressive TV – it’ll be amazing to see it on the shelf and, better still, in the living room!

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