Competition: Win a Hisense 4K TV and a 3-day trip to PAX

Update: This competition has expired. But you can enter our new TV competition here! See the best answers to the Get Inside The Game competition, here.

How would you like to win an awesome Hisense 4K TV plus a three-day trip to the PAX gaming Expo in Melbourne including travel and accommodation in our fantastic new competition? 

Thought so. Here’s what you need to do to enter our competition…

If you could choose a video game to visit or live in, which would it be and why?

Perhaps you dream of exploring the stars and naming flora and fauna like in No Man’s Sky? (Kinda). Perhaps you’re an old-school adult who remembers the first ever iteration of Super Mario Bros and you’ve longed to visit a world down a drainpipe?

With modern graphics, maybe appearing as a hero in a Lord of The Rings game is up your alley, or perhaps you’re psychotic enough to choose Dark Souls? Some of us wouldn’t mind driving games like Forza Horizon where you can drive your dream super cars anywhere you want or go old school and roam the Old West in Red Dead Redemption? If that’s too limiting then how about roaming the void in Elite?

Could some freaks maybe dream of being Pacman? We’d love to hear why! 

Check out the video for some more ideas!

Once you’ve decided, tell us which game you chose and in 25-words or less, tell us why you chose it. Good luck!


Fill in the entry form here!

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