Unique to Hisense, Dual Cell technology introduces our best picture performance yet.

The power of two

Exclusive Dual Cell technology fuses a monochrome panel behind a 4K colour panel to provide precision light control, and go beyond what's possible from conventional Hisense TV.* From vibrant highlights, through to detailed gradients and pure darkness, you can see it all.

Explore 65SX *Compared to Hisense ULED Q8 Series.

The extremes of light and dark

Providing more than two million dimming zones, the monochrome panel in Dual Cell TV directs light precisely to the bright parts of an image, without crossing into the dark areas. Discover extreme contrast, with pin-sharp colours and highlights alongside near-perfect black.

Explore 65SX

Real black, real detail

Masterful light control helps reveal fine detail in the most shadowy scenes and create the deepest of darks. Alongside inky black, colours can appear to burst with vibrancy, for images with enhanced depth and realism.

Explore 65SX

Amazing colours of reality

Capable of more than a billion colours, the ultra-bright 4K colour panel in Dual Cell TV can display a vast range of shades and gradients, so you see detailed, almost lifelike images.

Explore 65SX

Superb pictures, from any source

Enjoy high-quality pictures from favourite content, new and old. The Hi-View Engine harnesses the power of AI upscaling to enhance whatever you watch on Dual Cell’s 4K screen, from DVD, to Blu-ray, games, streaming entertainment, and more.*

Explore 65SX *Picture quality may vary depending on source content. Native 4K content recommended for full 4K resolution effect.

Take a stand with deep bass

Designed into the TV stand, the powerful subwoofer adds deep bass to immersive pictures. For wall mounting, detach the sub and enjoy the freedom of a wireless connection.*

Explore 65SX *Subwoofer must be connected to mains power.

Cinematic entertainment

Elevate your TV experience, with leading cinema technologies. Dolby Vision HDR optimises each scene so that games and movies can be faithful to the creator's vision, and Dolby Atmos helps you feel wrapped in sound, with audio that comes from around, behind and overhead.*

Explore 65SX *Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos source content required.

The best of both

At Hisense, we use the latest technologies so you can enjoy a premium viewing experience at home. Our ULED TVs can create amazing brightness and colour, while some other models can produce pure black. With Dual Cell TV, the best of both is now available on the one screen.

3 Years Warranty on all Hisense TVs

All Hisense products are built to exacting standards and designed to withstand the demands of modern lifestyles. That’s also the reason why every Hisense TV comes with a 3 Year Warranty as standard.

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