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Series 9
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Series 9 ULED TV

For the best in premium TV technology, look no further than the Series 9. With Prime Array Backlight, 1000+ Dimming Zones, Quantum Dot Technology, UHD Premium Certification and premier sound design, the Series 9 is as good as it gets.

Series 8 ULED TV

Ultra luxurious with a sleek and stunning frame, the Series 8’s good looks are matched only by its features, with Quantum Dot Technology bringing incredible colour depth and accuracy.

Series 7 ULED TV

There's no wonder why critics love the Series 7 – jam-packed with features including 200 Smooth Motion Rate, HDR Plus, Wide Colour Gamut, 10 Bit Colour and Ultra Local Dimming, this is one seriously good TV.

In 2018, we set ourselves a challenge: take a TV range that received rave reviews in 2017, and make it better. Introducing the 2018 Hisense ULED TV range. With the latest innovations in premium LED TV technology, we could list features like 1000+ Dimming Zones, Quantum Dot Technology and Ultra Motion Plus… but really, all you need to do is see it for yourself.

Prime Array Backlight

Prime Array Backlight*

1000+ Dimming Zones.

Prime Array Backlight is an advanced backlight system that allows our Premium ULED TVs to display unprecedented dynamic range. In real terms? Think deep, dark blacks and dazzling brightness, reflecting the real world on screen like never before.

*1000+ Dimming Zones available on 75P9, 65P9 features 700 Dimming Zones
Prime Array Backlight
Prime Array Backlight

Quantum Dot Colour

Quantum Dot Colour*

Incredible Colour Accuracy.

With Quantum Dot technology*, experience the brilliant blues, radiant reds, and glorious greens in stunning 10bit. Displaying over 1 billion colours with pin-point precision, your Premium ULED TV will look as crisp and beautiful as the world around you.

*Available on 75P9, 65P9, 75P8, 65P8
Quantum Dot Colour
Quantum Dot

Ultra HD Premium

Ultra HD Premium Certified*

Endorsed by Hollywood.

Want to experience your favourite films the way the director intended? TVs that are Ultra HD Premium Certified meet the highest standards of TV technology, as agreed by filmmakers, studios and global tech leaders alike.

*Available on 75P9, 65P9
Ultra HD Premium

Ultra Motion HD Plus

200 Smooth Motion Rate*

Motion Made for Sports Lovers.

Hisense adopts motion estimate and motion compensation technology to enhance clarity in fast-moving images. With Backlight Scanning technology to reduce motion trail, Ultra Motion Plus is perfect for sports lovers as each movement appears more fluent, smooth and clear.

Motion In Motion Technology
Smooth Motion Rate




Get Smart with your TV OS.

Introducing a brand new Smart TV operating system designed specifically for Hisense users. Effortlessly add all your favourite apps directly to your home screen. Never has a smart TV been easier to use.

*Internet connection and streaming services membership (where applicable) required.
Internet usage charges and conditions apply.
Contents and features will vary from time to time without notice.
Motion In Motion Technology
Netflix, Stan, YouTube



Exclusive Hisense Smart App.

Much more than a remote control, RemoteNOW seamlessly connects your Android or iOS device to your Hisense TV. Customise your favourite channels for faster access, view real-time program information and cast to the TV to view your photos and videos on the big screen.

Android App on Google Play Download on the App Store

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