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Hisense Series 7 ULED TV

“Right off the bat you can see the technology at work with terrific blacks and spectacular colours.”

Stephen Fenech – Series 7, Tech Guide, August 2017

Hisense Series 8 ULED TV

“Far more vivid than the LG OLED, but without appearing garishly showroom floor bright.”

Ben Mansill – Series 8, PC & Tech Authority, August 2017

Hisense Series 9 ULED TV

“The massive 75 inch Hisense Series 9 is so big and bright, it is like having a cinema in your own home.”

Leigh Stark – Series 9, Pickr, August 2017

Some of the incredible features you'll find within our ULED TV range.

Quantum Dot.

Experience incredible colours, brightness and detail with revolutionary quantum dot technology.

Local Dimming.

Dims the backlight on the screen making the blacks appear deeper and darker.

The Future Of Smart TV.

Our smart interface offers an intuitive viewing experience that’s personal and fast.

Ultra HD Premium.

Our gold standard in picture quality, with four times the resolution compared to standard HD.

HDR Supreme.

Realistic images with more contrast, brightness and colour than ever before.

HDR Plus.

Realistic images with more contrast, brightness and colour than ever before.

Netflix up to 4K HDR.

Enjoy TV shows and movies up to 4K HDR. Instantly turn on Netflix with a built-in button straight on the remote.

Stan up to 4K.

Access to thousands of hours of entertainment! Stream your favourite TV shows and movies up to 4K.

Sound by DBX-TV: Pro Audio.

Bringing you the best sound possible from the built-in high-performance speakers.

Ultra Motion.

Enhanced live images with sharp and revealing detail that’s blur and judder free.

Ultra Contrast.

Inky blacks are set against the purest of whites, delivering vibrant images with greater contrast.

Ultra Colour.

Expanded wide colour gamut that provides true-to-life precisely tuned colours and hues.

ULED TV. Simply brilliant.

Normal TV ULED Colour TV

ULED Colour

A wide colour gamut that’s so lifelike and bright with crystal-clear, jaw dropping detail that leaps off the screen into your viewing space.

ULED Colour

4K Blacks

While colour brings vibrancy, depth of black contrasting makes for total viewing immersion. It’s the visual intensity the director intended you to experience.



(High Dynamic Range) – it’s all about the detail. Delivering ultra-realism to every frame. The result is an image sharpness and clarity like you have never experienced before.

ULED Smooth

ULED Smooth

Movies, TV, 4K Netflix, 4K Stan, sports and gaming, however fast paced the action ’Ultra Smooth Motion’ virtually eliminates motion blur, image shimmering and unwanted pixilation.

4K Brilliance

4K Brilliance

Over 8 Million pixels deliver the wonder of Pure Colour Reproduction that will open your eyes to images so captivating you’ll feel you can reach out and touch them.

Hisense ULED TV’s utilise LCD screen with LED Backlighting.

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