1-Door SS Hybrid Freezer 384L

Model No. HRVF384S

$ 1,499.00

The 1-Door SS Hybrid Freezer 384L has the features, capacity, and modern conveniences that make it perfect for any home. The Switchable System enables you to alternate between fridge and freezer functions, allowing for greater flexibility while reversible doors make it easier to customise for your space. Hisense’s Metal Tech Cooling features a metal plate inside the main refrigerator compartment which helps maintain a cool temperature even when the fridge is opened. And if the fridge door is left open for too long, the Door Alarm feature will sound to remind you to close the door. With Electronic Touch Control, other features such as Super Freeze/Cooling can be selected quickly and easily. Inside the fridge, you’ll find a Big Bottle Rack and Big Box, both of which are perfect for storing oversized and bulkier items.

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  • Type
  • Colour Finish
  • Dimensions (WXDXH)
  • Energy Star Rating
  • Single Door Hybrid Freezer
  • Stainless Steel Door Finish
  • 700 x 750 x 1720
  • 3 Stars
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