58 Bottle Cabinet

Model No. HR6WC58D

Those with more extensive wine collections will find the 58-bottle HR6WC58D the perfect choice for their wine storage needs. The HR6WC58D ensures that bottles will be stored at the optimum temperature thanks to its dual temperature zones and electronic temperature zone control. Its elegant black and stainless steel cabinet with triple-glazed glass door complements any home. Wooden shelves hold wine bottles in the proper position and an interior LED light keeps your precious collection in view for easy selection.

RRP $799.00


  • Type
  • Bottle Capacity
  • Colour Finish
  • Height x Width (mm)
  • Dual Zone Wine Cabinet
  • Top Section 28 bottles / Bottom Section 30 bottles
  • Stainless Steel and Triple Glaze Door
  • 1237 x 550
Full specs



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