Hisense Designer Collection

65″ Designer Collection TV (2019)

Model No. 65P1

Size 43" 55" 65"

$ 2,999.00

The Hisense Designer Collection is a fusion of style and function that’s inspired by our connection with technology.  We’ve been eager to encapsulate our passion for technology while refreshing the perception of an evolving living space, the result is a TV with minimalistic white colour finishes that integrates naturally in your home.

We see the Hisense Designer Collection TV as a reflection of the changing role of the TV in the home, technology that blends into the living space without distraction to create an amazing contemporary design.


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Key Features

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  • Type
  • Screen Size
  • Dimensions (including stand)
  • Dimensions (without stand)
  • Vesa Wall Mount Dimensions
  • Star Rating
  • UHD
  • 65″ Measured Diagonally
  • 1450×924×356
  • 1450×845×54
  • 400 x 200
  • 6
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