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The Art Of Darkness


65″ Series X – 65PX

Model No. 65PX

Bold and brilliant, the Hisense OLED is packed with the technologies designed to optimise image quality, including 4K Ultra-HD, Wide Colour Gamut, High Dynamic Range and a 200 Smooth Motion Rate. The result is a vibrant, vivid and strikingly precise display of colour surrounded by deep blacks, creating enhanced contrast.

Each individual pixel on the display can be manipulated giving you access to deep blacks like you’ve never seen before. Previously hidden areas of dark shadow and sunlight will appear full of clarity and detail; you’ll notice sharp contrast and subtle details that were once reserved for the movie theatre! 

The new Hisense OLED TV features an incredibly thin profile making it the expression of minimalist design. What’s more, the bezel-less frame makes the TV disappear into your home’s decor so you can focus on enjoying your favourite shows and movies. 

RRP $4999.00
Size 65" 55"

Key features

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OLED: The Art of Darkness
Wide Colour Gamut
Slim Design
Wide Viewing Angles
Remote Now Enabled
Game Mode

OLED: The Art of Darkness

Step into the dark and see light and colour like never before.  Expereicne Hisense OLED’s broad range of colours surrounded by deep blacks, realized with 4K Ultra-HD detail. 

Wide Colour Gamut.

Hisense OLED TV delivers a broad range of colours for an impressive viewing experience. Colours look not only rich and saturated,but also more vibrant surrounded by deep blacks.


On OLED TV, previously hidden areas of dark shadow and sunlight are now full of clarity and detail. You’ll notice sharp contrast and subtle details that were once reserved for the movies.

Slim Design

The Hisense OLED TV features an incredible thin design making it the expression of minimalist design. Flawless craftsmanship from every angleThe bezelless design makes the TV screen look limitless allowing you to stay focused on the picture.

VIDAA U 2.5 with RemoteNOW

A new lightening fast Smart TV operating system designed specifically for you. A simplified user interface that’s customisable! Now you can connect to your Android or iOS device with our exclusive RemoteNOW app. Customise your favourite channels for faster access, view real-time program information and cast to the TV to view your photos and videos on the big screen. Now that’s smart!

Game Mode

Get the best out of your 4K Gaming Console with Games Mode. Games Mode allows the TV to display the gaming console at full speed directly to the TV, bypassing upscaling and other picture enhancements that 4K HDR consoles do not need to operate. The result, blazing fast input response giving an edge in competitive gaming.

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  • OLED
  • 65″ Measured Diagonally
  • 1447×881.2×328
  • 1447×831×62
  • 300 x 200
  • 5
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