Bottom Mount PureFlat Taupe Steel 417L

Model No. HRBM418D

$ 1,999.00

The all-new Hisense Bottom Mount PureFlat refrigerator offers 417L storage with an unparalleled 7-Star Energy Rating, making it the highest energy-rated fridge in Australia*. So not only does it save you money, but it also comes with a premium design that’ll look good in any kitchen! Now there’s food for thought…

  • Cooling its way to the top – Innovative advanced features, such as Vacuum-insulated panels and Hisense’s Inverter Technology and Metal-Tech Cooling, help maintain ideal temperatures while having superior energy efficiency, meaning better cooling and everyday reliability that’s great for the bank account:

*As of April 2022 – HRBM418D.

For those all about the details…

Specifications vary from country to country (even though products may have the same model number). We strongly advise to always check the specifications before purchase.

  • Type
  • Colour Finish
  • Dimensions (WxDxH)
  • Energy Star Rating
  • Bottom Mount Freezer
  • Taupe Steel
  • 704 x 694 x 1720 mm
  • 7 Stars
Full Specs
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