Hisense launches game-changing Dual Cell™ television technology in Australia

*  Hisense Australia’s latest TV, the 65SX, uses its revolutionary Dual Cell™ technology to deliver nearperfect black levels
*  With two precision-bonded LCD layers to control colour and luminance with remarkable accuracy, the TV leverages over 2 million dimming zones to generate deep blacks and brilliant contrast
*  Wireless subwoofer ingeniously designed into the TV stand to elevate sound, or, if the TV is wall mounted, it can be placed anywhere in the room
Hisense, a global leader in consumer electronics and home appliances, today announces the launch of its revolutionary Dual Cell™ television technology in Australia, with the availability of the highly anticipated 65SX model from mid-September 2020.
With a Recommended Retail Price of AU$3,499.00, the new 65SX Dual Cell™ TV delivers the deepest blacks ever seen on a Hisense LED screen.
Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia, said: “Hisense’s proprietary Dual Cell technology uses a highly complex composition and design to deliver a quality of colour, contrast, brightness and accuracy that we believe sets a new standard in LED TVs. We’re incredibly excited to be the first market globally to introduce this game-changing innovation and hope Australians realise the benefits Dual Cell offers as a new leading premium TV technology.”
Demystifying Dual Cell™
First revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year, Dual Cell technology is unlike any other TV technology on the market. It uses the best qualities of LED TVs, whilst delivering black levels that rival competing TV technologies.
Where a regular LED TV has one LCD layer, Dual Cell™ technology has two. The first is a greyscale or monochrome layer that controls luminance, which is precision-bonded to a second cell that controls colour.
The grayscale cell sits behind the colour cell and blocks light from pixels that need to be darker, creating more than 2 million dimming zones that can be controlled with remarkable precision to a deliver true-to-life picture.
The 65SX is further enhanced by Dolby Vision® HDR, an advanced imaging technology that transforms the viewing experience by generating ultra-vivid picture quality with incredible brightness, contrast, colour, and detail. Together with Hisense’s Dual Cell™ technology, Dolby Vision® HDR brings entertainment to life before the viewer’s eyes.
Unparalleled LED viewing
Dual Cell isn’t the only innovative technology that enhances the image quality offered by the new Hisense 65SX. The unit also harnesses Hisense’s sophisticated processing technology, Hi-View Engine, Depth Enhancer and AI 4K upscaling engine. These work together to create an extraordinarily crisp and clear image suitable for all types of viewing, from watching the latest release on the user’s favourite streaming app to action-packed live sports.
Spectacular Audio
The viewing experience delivered by the 65SX is further elevated thanks to immersive Dolby Atmos® Audio, which puts the viewer inside the action with bigger, more encompassing sound that fills the room. A powerful 4.1-inch subwoofer is also ingeniously designed into the TV stand, concealed neatly behind the screen and adding intense, full bass to music and low-end rumble to movies and games. If users prefer to wall mount their TV, the sub’s wireless connection allows them to place it anywhere in the room and enjoy a true cinema experience.
“Dolby and Hisense share a common goal to deliver best-in-class experiences to consumers in their living rooms. The combined Dolby Vision® and Dolby Atmos® experience in a single form factor will allow Hisense Dual Cell™ customers to experience their favourite content as the creators originally intended. With a large and constantly growing library of titles available, consumers in Australia can instantly access this amazing content in Dolby Vision® & Dolby Atmos®,” said Ashim Mathur, Senior Regional Director Marketing, Emerging Markets at Dolby Laboratories.
Sophisticated smarts and style
Equipped with the latest iteration of Hisense’s proprietary VIDAA operating system, VIDAA 4, the 65SX boasts an easy-to-use, simplified interface that leverages artificial intelligence including intuitive voice control. Users can easily navigate popular apps via the television’s in-built Amazon Alexa and universal search functionality, without requiring a third-party device.
At a popular size of 65-inches, the TV will also fit seamlessly into contemporary Australian homes. With a Floating Edge screen and crisp metallic finish, the 65SX is a stylish and visually impactful addition to modern living rooms.
“Australians have a strong appreciation for technologies that can elevate their lifestyle, especially in the current climate with many of us spending increased time in the home. With this in mind, it brings us great pleasure to offer Australians an exciting product that pushes the boundaries of television technology and raises the bar of what they can expect from an LED TV at home,” added Iannuzzi.
The Hisense 65SX with Dual Cell™ technology will be available to purchase via major retailers across Australia from mid-September. For more information or to find a retailer, visit:  https://hisense.com.au/product/65-dual-cell-series-sx

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