Why the Hisense PureFlat French Door Fridge is a must-have for your Kitchen

With the arrival of the all-new 650L Hisense French Door Fridge from the PureFlat Collection, there’s never been a better time to upgrade and experience the luxury of sleek design, good looks and supremely intelligent features.

From plumbed doors featuring water and ice dispensers to customisable temperature zones, the 650L Hisense French Door Fridge is the epitome of modern convenience, designed to add a touch of luxury to any living space. Read on to discover even more about the wealth of features on offer.

Hisense French Door Fridge PureFlat Collection

PureFlat Design 

PureFlat design is a standout feature that sets the 650L Hisense French Door Fridge apart. Aesthetically-minded homeowners and kitchen renovators will adore the smart lines and simplified design that enable it to integrate with cabinets and fit seamlessly into any modern kitchen. 

Convertible Door

With families’ needs constantly changing, the Convertible Door feature enables users to change the temperature between -18 degrees right up to + 5 degrees, providing some much-needed flexibility that enables families to store food however they want, when they want. 

Hisense French Door Fridge PureFlat Collection

Triple Zone 

Customisation is king. And with the Triple Zone feature, you can dial temperatures up and down for each specific section of the fridge, giving you more control to keep food fresh for longer. 

Inverter Technology

Hisense’s Inverter Technology works to maintain optimal temperatures. This creates greater energy efficiency, reduces noise levels, and increases overall reliability. 

Metal-Tech Cooling

Hisense’s Metal-Tech Cooling features a stylish full-width metal cooling plate inside the main refrigerator compartment that disperses temperature evenly throughout the fridge.

Hisense French Door Fridge PureFlat Collection

Ice & Water Dispenser

With plumbed doors, you can enjoy a permanent supply of chilled water and up to 1.8kg of crushed or cubed ice at any time. 

Easy Glide Drawers

Large Easy Glide Drawers are capable of holding up to 27kgs in weight, while still functioning smoothly and silently. 

Two Colours to Choose From 

With a choice between black and stainless steel, the minimalist good looks of the 650L Hisense French Door Fridge will slip subtly into any kitchen and bring a sense of restrained style and elegance that will elevate the space. 

The 650L Hisense French Door Fridge from the PureFlat Collection is out now and available to purchase from major retailers nationwide. Click here to find out more.

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